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1800 Cristalino Añejo*Packaging may vary

1800 Cristalino Añejo

Anejo Tequila /40% ABV / Mexico

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Anejo Tequila

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Best-selling 100% agave, super- premium tequila, 1800® follows the original formula created in the year 1800. The 1800® brand boasts Silver, Coconut, Reposado, Añejo, Milenio and Cristalino varieties. This range allows tequila novices and connoisseurs to experience the double-distilled cleanness of silver and nuanced aged tequilas. • Made from blue agave handpicked in Jalisco, Mexico’s highlands. • 1800® bottles, reminiscent of ancient Mayan stone pyramids, are iconic. (ABV 40% - 80 proof)

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4.96 Reviews
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    Extra smooth,, I luv it ?

  • Connie
    Verified Buyer
    Verified Buyer

    Best tequila so far!

  • Zac

    Goes down so smooth??

  • Benito Camela

    Buen tequila para poner hasta atras a tu novia y pegarle una buena cogidita

  • Anthony

    Benny Soliven made me do it!!!

  • Cele
    Verified Buyer
    Verified Buyer

    I don’t try jet


1800 Tequila brand is owned by the famed Beckmann Family — yes, the very same souls behind the Jose Cuervo brand of fine Mexican tequila. The Beckmann Family’s distribution company, Proximo Spirits, is used to sell 1800 Tequila in the United States. All of 1800 Cristalino Añejo is bottled in Jalisco, Mexico, the world’s capital for growing the delicate blue agave needed for tequila. In fact, the name refers to the year 1800, which was the first time oak casks were used to age tequila.
A shot of 1800 Cristalino Añejo has 98 calories, putting it directly in line with the average shot of tequila. There are no carbs, fat, or protein in a shot of Cristalino Añejo, and it’s worth noting that much of the caloric content comes from alcohol, which has 7 calories per gram. With an alcohol by volume (ABV) rating of 40%, this tequila delivers a moderate caloric intake in return for exquisite flavors.
Yes, 1800 Cristalino Añejo is 100% gluten-free. Made from 100% agave and with 0 grams of carbs, Cristalino Añejo is safe for those who are gluten-intolerant or who must avoid gluten due to Celiac disease. Note that all pure, distilled tequila is gluten-free — even mixtos, or tequila made with agave other than the blue agave plant, contains no gluten. The only source of gluten would be from other ingredients used to make tequila cocktails.
1800 Cristalino Añejo Tequila is a popular gift choice for three reasons: quality, quality, and quality. Its notes of oak, caramel, and vanilla on the nose blend nicely on the palate. One special characteristic of 1800 Cristalino Añejo is that it is made from agave but carries strong characteristics of whiskey and bourbon, and though it’s an 80-proof beverage, it has very little burn.
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