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Drinks for every moment

Delivered to your door. How 'bout that.

Drinks for every moment

Delivered to your door. How 'bout that.


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      All about sotol

      Rare spirit sotol hails from the northern Mexican state of Chihuahua. Kindred spirits tequila and mezcal are certainly more ubiquitous and well-known, but piney, citrusy, smoky sotol has doggedly hung on and is rightly making a name for itself as a unique spirit born of a harsh desert environment.

      How is sotol made?

      While similar to tequila production, sotol making is pretty old-school and labor-intensive. It’s not an agave spirit, instead drawing its fermentable sugars from the wild Dasylirion, a rough-and-tumble plant native to Texas and northern Mexico. Desert life is rough, and the plants take well over a decade to mature before their sugary core is ready for harvest – far longer than agave. Distillers roast this core to concentrate its sugars and the process imparts a lovely mesquite woodfire character to sotol’s aroma and flavor. Fermentation traditionally occurs in oak tubs before distillation in a copper still. Like tequila, you can drink sotol “blanco”, or un-aged, or añejo or reposado, signifying different aging times. Yields are brutally low, with one plant only giving you about one liter of spirit. Talk about rare.

      How does sotol compare to tequila and mezcal?

      If you’re into tequila and mezcal, sotol will feel like a cozy home to you. It has characteristics of both its cousins, with a similarly sweet, citrusy, agave sap aroma akin to tequila and that smokiness that made mezcal semi-famous. However, its aroma also carries elements of pine and eucalyptus that are more like fine gin botanicals. Additionally, the smokiness isn’t overwhelming like some mezcals. Sweetness balances the smoke and alcohol heat but doesn’t overwhelm.  The flavor combines lemon and orange peel citrus notes with herbal nuance, bright wood smoke, and a touch of spicy heat. These elements aren’t unfamiliar to Mexican spirits, but sotol smoothly combines them in a way all its own.

      Drinking sotol

      Adaptable as the desert coyote, sotol is good sipped straight from a narrow tequila flute where you can revel in its aromas. You can also add it to your favorite tequila cocktail if you want more smoke than tequila and more herbal brightness than mezcal. Blend it with simple syrup, lemon juice and fresh fruit for a particularly smooth ride. You can also check out the distillery’s website for more cocktail inspiration.

      Sotol plants are drought resistant, but you aren’t. Check with our liquor store partners to explore this rare desert secret.

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