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All About Soju

Quick. What's the best-selling alcohol in the world? Wrong. Whatever you said is wrong. Unless, of course, you said soju. Which you probably didn't. But maybe you did. You are on this soju page and all. If so, you've mastered the art of context clues. Made from rice, soju is often referred to as “Korean vodka." It's been distilled in Korea for hundreds of years and can sometimes be made from other grains or starches, such as sweet potatoes. Still in its infancy in America, it's quickly gaining traction. Soju is a low-alcohol spirit (16-45% ABV) that has a somewhat sweet, milky flavor, although some people find it to be a bit astringent.

How to Drink It:

Soju is deeply rooted in Korea's social culture. Traditionally, friends and family will gather and polish off an entire bottle in one go, passing around shot glasses and serving each other. But soju also pairs nicely with food and higher-alcohol varieties work nicely in cocktails as a substitute for vodka, gin and even whiskey.

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