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Havana Club Anejo Blanco*Packaging may vary

Havana Club Anejo Blanco

White Rum /40% ABV / Puerto Rico

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Product details

White Rum
Puerto Rico

Product description

HAVANA CLUB Añejo Blanco is distilled and aged in Puerto Rico under the Caribbean sun for 1 year in oak barrels in which aged rums are blended together. The blend is aged for a second period in oak barrels for at least 2 months. HAVANA CLUB Añejo Blanco is a medium-bodied white rum with notes of pineapple, banana, vanilla and oak

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Community reviews

4.724 Reviews
  • Michelle L.
    Verified Buyer
    Verified Buyer

    Replaced as they were out of stock

  • Rum L.

    This rum is significant in adding a unique and delicious flavor profile to any rum based cocktail! I would definitely choose this again!

  • Brady
    Verified Buyer
    Verified Buyer

    Bought this because I had to try it from the reviews. It's definitely different; I liked the soft nose and the slightly burnt sugar sweet undertones. I tried making a mojito with it and it didn't disappoint! It really brought out the cooling mint and sharp bite of the lime. If you're a cocktail person grab this and give it a shot!

  • Shaun

    Because it's so damn good! Great aged white rum, received right in-time for a gathering at the house. Whipped up some classic daiquiris at the home bar, and this rum was perfectly bright, and the notes of tropical fruit shined in the simple cocktail where the rum is a very important ingredient.

  • Saundrine

    I love this product, 5 stars!! It has great mix-ability and is a fantastic rum all across the board. This site also made it very easy to order and receive my product.

  • Brian C.

    Just tried Havana Club Anejo at a charity event last month at M Lounge in Orlando!! I had a drink called the Canchanchara. It was so great I ordered a bottle from Drizly to recreate it at home!! Great Rum and even better story about the history of the brand.

  • Ed
    Verified Buyer
    Verified Buyer

    Can be sipped neat or used in cocktails. Definitely was the fan favorite at our holiday party. 5 stars all the way.

  • Mishella
    Verified Buyer
    Verified Buyer

    I bought a few bottles to play around with, and have been pleasently suprised! Not only is the rum incredibly versatile, but its sweet finish also enables it to be enjoyed neat and on the rocks. Highly recommended!

  • Laura
    Verified Buyer
    Verified Buyer

    A must have for any Rum lover! From the beautifully designed bottle to the delicious liquid inside, this is an amazing product worth sipping on with close friends or mixing in a cocktail on night out. It's medium bodied and has a smooth finish- perfect to pair with cigar. Cheers!

  • Danielle
    Verified Buyer
    Verified Buyer

    Ordered this to try out at my Christmas party rum punch and it was a huge hit. All my guests were raving about the smoothness and great finish. We made Mojito's and by the end of the night had ordered another bottle! LOVE the real Havana Club Rum


White rum is also called 'silver rum' or 'light rum'. It's a blonde colored rum, either unaged, or aged for about a year, sometimes less, in steel tanks. The tanks give it that notable light color, while maintaining a light body and sweet taste that rum is known for. Light rum is that light color due to its short aging period. The longer rum ages (especially if in a wooden cask) the darker it will become. Light rum is ideal for cocktails like mojitos and piña coladas.
While not all of Barcardís drink catalog is white rum, it's true that Bacardí has a number of white rum products including Superior and their vast amount of flavored white rums.
This will depend on if you have a flavored rum or not. However, similar to other varietals of rum, white rum goes with sodas, fruit juices and tonics. Try a mojito, piña colada or rum and coke to start.
All rum is made from sugarcane products - including white rum. The reason that white rum is clear is due to its shorter aging period, which sometimes occurs is steel tanks.

Try These Havana Club Recipes

Havana Mule

  • rum

The Buck, or Mule, has been enjoyed across the Caribbean for nearly as long as rum has been produced in the region. It specifically calls for the combination of ginger ale or ginger beer with citrus and dark rum.

Guayabita Daiquiri

  • rum

Chances are you're no stranger to the daiquiri (neither was Hemingway). The writer's love affair with the quintessential Cuban cocktail began at El Floridita, and while he was single handedly involved in the trial and error of the many iterations that stemmed from the original, none have been as sweet (in a good way) than the Guayabita—which adds guava marmalade to the rum and lime juice mix.

Havana Cafe

  • rum

A stirred drink when you need a spirited pick-me-up. This concoction with HAVANA CLUB Añejo Clásico, cold brew coffee and sweet vermouth will drum up memories of all things Cuba.

Havana Especial

  • rum

This cocktail can be traced back to 1935, found in the classic La Floridita Cocktail book. It captures the traditional Caribbean rum and pineapple combination, with the Cuban fascination of Maraschino liqueur during that era.

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