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Don Q Rum Cristal*Packaging may vary

Don Q Rum Cristal

White Rum /40% ABV / Puerto Rico

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Product details

White Rum
Puerto Rico
Calories per Serving (1.5 oz)
Carbs per Serving (1.5 oz)
Brand Ownership

Product description

Unlike most clear rums, Don Q uses a multiple distillation system to produce a cleaner, more refined, and more delicate flavor profile. So a Don Q drink will sip smoother than a drink made with another rum. So smooth, in fact, that you can substitute Cristal in a vodka drink, and most won’t be able to tell the difference. It’s then aged for 1 1/2 to 5 years in American White Oak barrels to impart a touch more smoothness. Try it. You’ll see.

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Community reviews

4.820 Reviews
  • Richard Alexander Caraballo.
    Verified Buyer
    Verified Buyer


  • Gustavo
    Verified Buyer
    Verified Buyer

    This is one of the best white rims in the market. Smooth and tasty!

  • Maria
    Verified Buyer
    Verified Buyer

    I haven’t tried it yet but thank you for asking.

  • Ashley M.
    Verified Buyer
    Verified Buyer

    Just as expected

  • James
    Verified Buyer
    Verified Buyer

    Way better than Bacardi. It's from Puerto Rico and the rums from the Dominican Republic are Superior to Bacardi also.?

  • Michael A.
    Verified Buyer
    Verified Buyer

    The taste is a little off compared to other rums.

  • Steve S.
    Verified Buyer
    Verified Buyer

    Never got it by

  • Victoria H.
    Verified Buyer
    Verified Buyer

    I made a mojito with this baby. Oh man!! It was so smooth!!

  • Sara I
    Verified Buyer
    Verified Buyer

    Best rum ever

  • Brad
    Verified Buyer
    Verified Buyer

    I love this stuff. I ordered 2 bottles and payed for 2 but only got 1. Now i can't get anyone to help me.


White rum is also called 'silver rum' or 'light rum'. It's a blonde colored rum, either unaged, or aged for about a year, sometimes less, in steel tanks. The tanks give it that notable light color, while maintaining a light body and sweet taste that rum is known for. Light rum is that light color due to its short aging period. The longer rum ages (especially if in a wooden cask) the darker it will become. Light rum is ideal for cocktails like mojitos and piña coladas.
While not all of Barcardís drink catalog is white rum, it's true that Bacardí has a number of white rum products including Superior and their vast amount of flavored white rums.
This will depend on if you have a flavored rum or not. However, similar to other varietals of rum, white rum goes with sodas, fruit juices and tonics. Try a mojito, piña colada or rum and coke to start.
All rum is made from sugarcane products - including white rum. The reason that white rum is clear is due to its shorter aging period, which sometimes occurs is steel tanks.
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