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Captain Morgan Black Spiced Rum*Packaging may vary

Captain Morgan Black Spiced Rum

Spiced Rum /47.3% ABV / US Virgin Islands

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Spiced Rum
US Virgin Islands

Product description

Spice it up with Captain Morgan Black Spiced Rum. This darker, bolder spiced rum has a deliciously smooth finish. It's perfect on its own or for adding a delicious kick to your favorite mixed drinks. Simply mix with lime, orange and pineapple juice, simple syrup and bitters for a delicious Zombie cocktail. Includes one 94.6 proof 1 L bottle of Captain Morgan Black Spiced Rum. Drink responsibly, Captain's Orders!Taste: notes of molasses and select spices

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Community reviews

4.5327 Reviews
  • Karimah White-Murphy.
    Verified Buyer
    Verified Buyer

    I absolutely love drinking this as a hot toddy to put in my chai tea at night.

  • Alexandr
    Verified Buyer
    Verified Buyer

    you sent the wrong drink (((

  • chanellez1
    Reviewed at
    Reviewed at

    This is fantastic in apple cider in the fall! I wouldn't take it as a shot but that's just me.

  • hope_hughes
    Reviewed at
    Reviewed at

    This is a great tasting rum! It also works amazing in pin a colada mixes, rum and cokes or if you like strong taste, just over ice is nice. It is a bit pricey depending on where you live. But its flavor is really nice. I would definitely keep buying and recommend.

  • johnm47
    Reviewed at
    Reviewed at

    As much as I love Captain Morgan Rum, not really a favorite. This is good for a small mixed drink.

  • lorim83
    Reviewed at
    Reviewed at

    Oh my goodness this was so yummy I added Dr Pepper who knew it would taste so good. I would also recommend trying it with egg nog.

  • deniser73
    Reviewed at
    Reviewed at

    I make different drink recipes with it and they are always good. The taste is not too strong to override the other ingredients but you can still taste it.

  • choosejoyblog
    Reviewed at
    Reviewed at

    Rum and coke has always been my go-to cocktail. I only like dark sliced rum from Captain Morgan!

  • nildag365b
    Reviewed at
    Reviewed at

    It is delicious and it is the best whiskey for all of the others and the price is great to be honest with you with all.

  • tammyca973
    Reviewed at
    Reviewed at

    The is very yummy and filled with flavor. It is rich and the flavor is delicious and spicy but very smooth at the same time



Spiced rum is a great addition to many cocktails, but goes great with things that you want to add a little, well, spice to. Try spice rum with cold brew, Coca-Cola and ginger beer. Rum and coke is one of the most iconic bar orders - and doing it with spiced rum does not disappoint. If you're a person who prefers ginger ale over coke, or maybe even a fruiter juice option, spiced rum works with these too. It's a pretty diverse mixer that gives a lot of mixers a little warmth. Thinking of a fall or winter cocktail that you're hoping to give a little something to? Chances are spiced rum will do the trick.
Spiced rum is literally rum flavored with a number of spices. Usually spiced with cinnamon and allspice, spiced rums typically resemble gold rums. Spiced rum is often aged for the same amount of time as dark rum, but the spices added in give spiced rum that signature taste. A notable brand of spiced rum is Captain Morgan.
Take the ingredients you'd like to spice your rum with and literally infuse your rum. Put each ingredient, including the rum, into an airtight container and keep it sealed. Leave it for two days and then check in to see how the flavor has developed. From there, decide if you'd like to continue infusing, or if you're happy with the flavor!
Captain Morgan Spiced Rum has 0.4 grams of carbs per 1.5oz
Abso-heckin-lutely. Spiced eggnog is delicious and we've got plenty of recipes for you. Think of spiced rum as a fall and winter cocktail companion. Anything you feel could use a little flavor of spice and warmth will probably work with spiced rum.
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