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All About Spiced Rum

Rum is the unofficial drink of beach parties. And pirates. Yo-ho-ho! And while rum has always had a spicy edge to it, if you really want to turn the party up or channel your inner pirate, then start pouring spiced rum!

The process of making spiced rum is simple: Take rum and infuse it with spices like cinnamon, vanilla or ... well any other spice, really. We're not picky. Depending on how wild a distiller feels like getting, spiced rum can offer a little extra zip or become rich and complex. Think of it as a little shot of adrenaline for your rum!

Spices aren't added to rum until after distillation. That's because if you add the spices before, most of the flavor is removed during the distillation process, and nobody wants that. That's just sad. Depending on the brand, spices are either added before or after the rum has aged. In most cases, flavors are added after the aging so as not to prevent any flavors from forming from the wood. Either way, the spices sit back and chill while the rum takes on their delectable flavors.

Okay, so you want more specifics? The spices in spiced rum usually come from seeds, dried fruits, roots, leaves or edible bark. Don't worry; we're talking edible bark as in cinnamon, not pine. We don't know anyone who'd enjoy a drink that tastes like a car air freshener. Then again, we haven't met everyone yet, so we're not ruling it out.

Spiced rums are aromatic and were originally devised as medicinal cures. Unlike other rums, spiced rum features hints of vanilla, ginger, allspice, cinnamon, cassia, clove, mint, black currant, banana and endless other flavors. Think of it as rum's dessert equivalent.

How to Enjoy Spiced Rum:

Thanks to its spice infusions, flavored rum is best enjoyed in flavored cocktails and food recipes, particularly rum cake. Yep, the same kind your tipsy great-aunt used to make. It adds a tasty note to the classic rum and Coke cocktail, but it is also great as a warming shot, especially in the winter months. And if you really want to channel your inner pirate, mix up a Red Beard. This delicious cocktail features spiced rum, coconut rum, grenadine syrup, and 7-Up soda over ice. It's perfect for those beachside parties and endless summer days.

Other spiced rum cocktails include ginger daiquiri, ginger rum punch and Long Island Iced Tea. You can even ward off a cold with an old-fashioned hot toddy. Just mix spiced rum with honey, fresh lemon juice, boiling water and a cinnamon stick. Now that's our kind of home remedy! There's no wrong way to enjoy spiced rum. Trust us; even a pirate would agree.

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