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SANTA TERESA Gran Reserva Rum*Packaging may vary

SANTA TERESA Gran Reserva Rum

Aged Rum /40% ABV / Venezuela

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Aged Rum

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SANTA TERESA GRAN RESERVA Añejo rum has a shining gold and amber color which is the result of blending rums aged at least 2 years in American oak barrels. Renowned for its character and unmistakable balance that make it a favorite for young consumers, who celebrate and enjoy every day. SANTA TERESA GRAN RESERVA Añejo rum shines with a brilliant, bright amber hue. Fruity and mature aromas evoke the sweet South American sugar cane. To taste, this fruity rum features sizzling notes that perfectly combine the freshness and the subtle woodiness of the high quality French casks and American white oak barrels in which the rum is blended. Gran Reserva rum is smooth and light-bodied; silky and at the same time firm and smooth on the palate

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Aged rum is older rums that have matured and lost a bit of the original liquid from evaporation, but have a more complex character than unaged rum. That amount of liquid that evaporates during aging is affectionately called the 'angels share'.
The best way to drink anything is the way that you like it. If you're looking for a suggestion - try it the same way you would whisky. Often rum is drank with a bit of water in it, or an ice cube or two. This gives rum the best sipping experience.
This depends. Often, rum is required to age for at least one year. However, rums are aged for differing years which attributes to changes in color and flavor. White rum is aged for the least amount of time, where dark rum is aged for some time.
Rum is aged in oak casks - commonly bourbon casks, but sometimes wooden casks or stainless steel tanks. Each distiller is different - so its always a good idea to read how they age their rum for a full understanding of the product.
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