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All About Gold Rum

Aged to perfection — that's how we like to think of gold rum. Find out how this spirit gets its tone and discover the best ways to drink gold rum.

A Brief Look at the History of Gold Rum:

They say that necessity prompts invention, and that's what originally introduced rum. In the 17th century, Caribbean sugarcane farmers needed to do something with their countless barrels of molasses, the byproduct of sugar production. After mixing some of that excess molasses with the liquid skimmed from boiled sugarcane, fermenting and distilling it, they knew they had struck gold.

How Is It Made?

All rum starts the same, whether it's light, gold or dark. After distillation, however, gold rum waits a little longer to get the party started. It's aged in either wooden or charred oak barrels to give it that distinctive golden hue. Gold rums with a lighter tone are on the shorter end of the aging spectrum, while those with a darker tone have aged longer.

Where Is It Produced?

You always get a hint of the Caribbean when you open a bottle of gold rum, but today you can find bottles produced all over the world. The United States and Puerto Rico are some of the biggest gold rum producers, as are islands like Jamaica, Barbados, the U.S. Virgin Islands and Saint Kitts and Nevis. You can also find some great gold rums from Nicaragua and Brazil.

Would you believe that you can also score some tasty gold rums made in Europe? Sip a selection of rums from the United Kingdom or Germany and see for yourself.

How Does Gold Rum Taste?

Think smooth and easy to sip. Flavors can range from rich caramel to oaky vanilla that comes from the barrels used for aging.

How to Drink Gold Rum:

Break out your supply of tiny umbrellas — or don't. If you've been looking for that happy medium between light and dark rum, you've found it. Some gold rums are perfect for mixing into cocktails like rum punch or Piña Coladas, but others pack enough punch to sip straight.