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Kula Dark Rum*Packaging may vary

Kula Dark Rum

Dark Rum /47.5% ABV / Hawaii, United States

Product Details

Dark Rum
Hawaii, United States
Tasting Notes
Caramel, Dry, Oak, Rich
Base Ingredients
Sugar Cane

Product Description

Kula Dark Rum was distilled and blended with the classic Hawaiian Mai Tai in mind. It is 95 proof to help it float perfectly on top, but brings some serious flavor to the cocktail. The color is dark and rich, so is the flavor. On the nose it brings all the aroma of the best aged rums. It suggests molasses, oak and hints of dark caramel. Although we suggest using it on your best Mai Tai, KULA Dark is not a one-dimensional ingredient for cocktails. It can be sipped neat or over ice, surprisingly smooth and pleasantly approachable even at its higher proof. The aged rum character shines through on the front, leaving subtle sweetness, all held in check by just the right amount of oak-iness - then finally a touch of caramel and dark cacao in the finish. • Formulated with a blend of Organic Rum spirits and fine aged rums, some are 10 years old or more • Blended with Deep Pacific Ocean Mineral Water • Flavors disclosed on the label are all sugar cane and rum derived. They include rum extracts and rum esters used to give the product its rich, smooth character. • Caramel color added to maintain batch-to-batch consistent, rich color. Selection of only natural caramel is used (which is simply burnt sugar syrup and is also made from cane sugar). • No sweetener added, no carbohydrates, no gluten • 95 proof so that it easily floats on top of blended cocktails. Rich, bold flavor to enhance the experience. • Makes a superb Cuba Libre or better yet Kula Libre

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Dark rum doesn't really have a definition. However, dark rum generally refers to rum that is brown in appearance thanks either aging, or the addition of molasses or caramel coloring. Dark rum is known to taste slightly more charred than other varieties, like white rum. That said, people often drink it neat or with over ice.
Dark rum goes great with a number of mixers, including ginger ale, orange juice, grapefruit juice and sodas like Coca-Cola. Dark rum has the heaviest, fullest body of any other variety of rum. It's rich in color, flavor and body - usually tasting of caramel and molasses. So, any beverage that could use a kick of caramel will be well suited to go with dark rum.
Also known as white rum, this is rum that has no color and a light flavor because its filtered multiple times and has a short aging period. It's often aged in steel tanks and is known for having a light body and sweet flavor. This is different than gold or dark rum which is aged in wooden casks and is notably more caramel tasting.