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Drinks for every moment

Delivered to your door. How 'bout that.

Drinks for every moment

Delivered to your door. How 'bout that.


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    All about rum

    History of rum

    Before becoming the drink of choice of pirates, rum was born as a creative way to use up excess molasses, a byproduct of cane sugar, during Colonial times. The farmers learned that they could ferment and distill molasses to craft what would soon become one of the most popular liquors in the Caribbean. In particular, it became the favorite drink of sailors and, you guessed it, pirates. In some areas, this spirit also served as currency

    Types of rum

    Unlike other spirits like bourbon or whiskey, rum is not subject to regulations. This means that distillers can create endless varieties by using different distillation techniques. The main varieties are white rum, dark rum and spiced rum. White rum ages very briefly and then undergoes a filtering process. It's clear, and its dry taste makes it a good choice for many cocktails. Dark rum ages for long periods of time, and you can sip it on its own thanks to its complex flavor profile. Spiced varieties result from the addition of different spices, which enhance the notes originated from barrel aging. There are also golden rums, which age for longer than white ones but are still a good choice for cocktails. Aromatic rums feature different added flavors like coconut, mango, lime and other tropical fruits. 

    How to mix rums

    It's a known fact that rum blends well with all dark mixers like cola and root beer. But it also tastes good with other liquors, in classic Tiki cocktails like mai tai, knickerbocker and cable car. Alternatively, you can mix this spirit with coconut water and tropical fruit juices. 

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