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Smith & Cross Traditional Jamaica Rum*Packaging may vary

Smith & Cross Traditional Jamaica Rum

Aged Rum /57% ABV / Jamaica

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Product details

Aged Rum
Tasting Notes
Banana, Bold, Earthy, Funky, Intense, Leather, Tropical Fruit
Botanical, Gluten-Free
Base Ingredients
Sugar Cane

Product description

Smith & Cross Jamaica Rum contains only Wedderburn and Plummer pot still distillates, famous for their notes of caramelized banana, exotic fruits and spice and earthy finish. This is old-school rum, without the now-common influence of other wines and spirits, chill filtration, excess dilution, or added sugar. The complexity and flavor depth of this Navy Strength (57%) rum makes it a cornerstone of classic rum drinks. The mark of Smith & Cross traces its lineage to one of England’s oldest producers of sugar and spirits. Its history dates back to 1788 with a sugar refinery located at No. 203 Thames Street by the London Docks. Over time, the firm and its partners became prominent handlers of Jamaica rum, with extensive cellars along the river Thames. Smith & Cross today stands as successors in trade to Smith & Tyers and White Cross, both having previously operated side by side for generations in the house of what is today Hayman Distillers. More information: Jamaica Daiquiri Shake with ice: 1.5 oz Smith & Cross Traditional Jamaica Rum 0.75 oz lime juice 0.75 oz simple syrup 2 dash Angostura Bitters Double-strain into a coupe. Garnish with a lime wheel. Palmetto No. 1 Stir with ice: 1.5 oz Smith & Cross Traditional Jamaica Rum 1.5 oz Cocchi Vermouth di Torino 2 dash orange bitters Strain into a coupe. Garnish with orange peel.

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Community reviews

4.76 Reviews
  • James
    Verified Buyer
    Verified Buyer

    Smith & Cross is one of my go-to rums for tiki applications. Excellent.

  • Shama B.
    Verified Buyer
    Verified Buyer

    I've had aged rum (at Rhumba, a Seattle bar; it was 28 year old Guatemalan rum so I understand the bar is high on that one) and loved it but this has a very strong undertone of resin or something quite unpleasant, not part of the alocohol at all. Unfortunately, it is part of the smell but also part of the aftertaste. I don't kno what to do with this. It's like your furniture, I guess.

  • Adam
    Verified Buyer
    Verified Buyer

    Hogo for days! Excellent Jamaican rum!

  • Lucas
    Verified Buyer
    Verified Buyer

    Classic Jamaican overproof at an unbeatable price. Essential for tiki, delicious on its fiery own.

  • Scott
    Verified Buyer
    Verified Buyer

    Fierce overproof rub packs tons of esters and considerable oak for the perfect Mai Tai. Useful for other tiki drinks as well.

  • Jake
    Verified Buyer
    Verified Buyer

    Great rum! I used it to make jungle birds but it’s also great on its own.

  • William
    Verified Buyer
    Verified Buyer

    Smith & Cross is a navy strength rum, so it's not for the faint of heart. It has a bold flavor that I enjoy, and I typically have it on the rocks with a splash of club soda. Some may wish to mix it with Coke to soften the bite.


Aged rum is older rums that have matured and lost a bit of the original liquid from evaporation, but have a more complex character than unaged rum. That amount of liquid that evaporates during aging is affectionately called the 'angels share'.
The best way to drink anything is the way that you like it. If you're looking for a suggestion - try it the same way you would whisky. Often rum is drank with a bit of water in it, or an ice cube or two. This gives rum the best sipping experience.
This depends. Often, rum is required to age for at least one year. However, rums are aged for differing years which attributes to changes in color and flavor. White rum is aged for the least amount of time, where dark rum is aged for some time.
Rum is aged in oak casks - commonly bourbon casks, but sometimes wooden casks or stainless steel tanks. Each distiller is different - so its always a good idea to read how they age their rum for a full understanding of the product.
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