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All about aged rum

What is aged rum?

Many things get better with age: wines, people and liquor. Aged rum has a darker hue and a more intense flavor than its younger counterpart, with a good balance of sweet and spicy notes. The older the liquor, the darker its color. 

Lighter varieties age in stainless-steel tubs, while the darker ones mature in oak casks. Some varieties contain caramel for extra flavor and a darker nuance. 

What are some mixed drinks you can make with aged rum?

There's no doubt that aged dark rum is delicious on its own. Still, if you're not using it for drinking spirits without mixers, you can use this sophisticated ingredient to craft many mouthwatering cocktails. 

Most daiquiris have white rum, but you can spice up this classic Tiki cocktail with aged varieties. A nice flavored rum works as well. Alternatively, mix your 12-year rum with cranberry syrup and grapefruit juice to get a tasty Colony Records. Also, did you know that darker rum varieties taste great in piña coladas?

Are you in the mood for a refreshing treat? Mix dark rum into a glass of coconut water. It's tasty and full of healthy minerals. 

Ideal food pairings for aged rum

Are you thinking about appetizers to serve with your dark rum? You can't go wrong with a plate of aged Gouda. If you need a meal to go with your spirit, serve a hearty beef burger, steak or other grilled meats. 

Tiki bars often serve their rum-based cocktails with healthy poke bowls, filled with rice, fish and fresh vegetables. If you want to replicate this trend at home, make sure to add pineapple, a fruit that complements the flavors of aged rums well.

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