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All about shots ready-to-drink

It's okay to skimp on prep work for a big event when you have premade shots on hand, ready to pour and serve. Sometimes, you can even skip the pouring step! Some shots are prepackaged into shot glasses for immediate enjoyment. These premade options let you spend less time getting ready for a party and more time with your friends and family.

How are ready-to-drink shots served?

Options vary between brands. For instance, Twisted Shotz come in sealed plastic cups, so all you have to do is rip off the lid and drink — or sip, if that's more your style. Other liquid shots have similar packaging for easy storage and drinking.

Gelatin liquor shots are usually packaged in miniature gelatin cups for convenient slurping. Single-flavor packages are ideal for groups that end up fighting over the last cherry shot while grape and lime flavors sit forgotten. Multi-flavor packages are fun for groups where everyone has their own favorite option. Cool down at a summer party with frozen shots, served in long tubes that you can freeze and eat like an ice pop.

What ingredients are in premade shots?

There are two main types of ready-to-drink liquor shots. Some cut right to the chase, serving up straight liquor without any mixers or flavor syrups. Others are similar to mixed shots you've enjoyed at your favorite neighborhood bar. It's an easy way to make sure that every shot has the ideal mix of liquor and mixers, without expecting one party-goer to become the de facto bartender.

Flavors vary, letting you stock up on everyone's favorites: dessert shots that let you have your cake and drink it, fruit-based options and shots mimicking popular mixed drinks.

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