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Rum & Cola Ready-to-Drink

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All about rum & cola ready-to-drink

Premium beverages

Select a premium beverage from the rum and cola ready-to-drink line to enjoy rum without having to mix it yourself. Created in some of the top rum distilleries, the individual servings, available in bottles, cans or pouches, enhance any party atmosphere whether it's a company affair, a family birthday party or a night on the deck. Choose rum-and-cola varieties like a light, crisp lime and soda, a Cuba Libre rum and cola or a spiked cola. Mix and match flavors so your guests can find their favorite.

Refreshing flavors

Tropical flavors are a nice addition to some of these ready-to-drink cocktails. Drink makers use premium liquor made with pure cane sugar, spicy ginger beer and natural juices to create these one-of-a-kind beverages. Most of the drinks contain no artificial ingredients or sweeteners. The ready-to-drink liquor provides hints of sugar without excessive sweetness. Some offer hints of vanilla, cardamom and other delicious flavors to meld into nicely balanced cocktails.

Exciting brands for ready-to-drink rum and colas

Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum makes the list with its premium spiced rum and authentic taste of cola. This ready-to-drink cocktail features hits of vanilla. Bacardi also joins the Driz crew with real rum cocktails with notes of citrus. Bacardi never fails to please with these simple, refreshing drinks made for the beach, a boating adventure or a backyard barbecue. These beverages compare well to homemade cocktails as they feature all-natural flavors and no artificial sweeteners. Other popular options include Cutwater Three Sheets rum and cola, made in California with house-made cola. If making a decision on a brand or flavor is tough, stock up on a few of each for a tasting party.

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