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Mudslide Ready-to-Drink

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All about mudslide ready-to-drink

What's the mudslide drink?

A delicious dessert cocktail that doubles up as an adult milkshake, mudslide is a tasty blend of Irish liqueur, coffee liqueur and vodka. Experts believe the Cayman Islands to be the birthplace of this fancy liquor. When serving a large number of guests, shaking up this cocktail can get tedious and tiring. Skip the labor and spend more time enjoying your party with a bottle of ready-to-drink mudslide mix in your home bar.

This premade mix includes all ingredients blended to creamy perfection, so all you need to do is to twist open the cap and pour it into cocktail glasses. Top with ice cubes and chocolate shavings for a decadent concoction that's not just delicious but also extremely refreshing.

The mudslide drink tastes best when served over fresh ice. Use larger ice cubes that don't melt fast. This will prevent your yummy drink from getting diluted, so you're able to enjoy its flavor for longer.

Cocktail ideas using this ready-to-drink mix

This ready-to-drink liquor is not just to serve your guests with the famous mudslide cocktail. Use it creatively, and you'll create fancy dessert drinks. Here are some ideas and serving suggestions to use this ready-made mudslide liquor in newer ways.

Pour this ready-made mix into a blender, add a few scoops of vanilla ice cream and ice. Pulse until you get a smooth drink. To serve, tilt the glass and start pouring chocolate syrup on the sides. Turn the glass so that the syrup coats the interiors of the glass fully. Pour the prepared mudslide ice cream shake into the serving glass, garnished with whipped cream and additional chocolate syrup for an indulgent drink that's creamy, luscious and incredibly delicious.

There are variations of this ready-made drink mix that skips the coffee liqueur but features creamy vanilla-flavored vodka for a dense drink with toasty caramel notes and a sweet flavor profile. Ready mixes are an essential part of your liquor collection that'll help you whip up fancy cocktails in no time. Grab a bottle of this ready-to-drink mudslide liquor by searching Drizly in your city and look for liquor stores on Drizly near you.