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All about ready-to-drink mojitos

What is a mojito?

Native to Cuba, a mojito is a refreshing summer cocktail with simple ingredients. Rum, lime, mint and sugar are the core ingredients of this classic drink. Making mojito cocktails at home is labor-intensive and time-consuming. It's essential to muddle the mint leaves just enough to release their aromatic flavors. With ready-to-drink mojito, it's now easy to serve this delicious liquor to your guests by just twisting the cap or popping the can and serving.

What's the flavor profile of this popular drink?

Mojitos have a well-rounded flavor with a combination of citrusy notes of lime balancing the sweetness of the sugar syrup. Mint leaves add an herbaceous note that complements the bitterness of the rum.

How to serve this cocktail

Use a highball glass to serve this delicious alcoholic drink. With ready-to-drink liquor, all you need to do is to open the container and pour the drink over crushed ice. Garnish with mint sprigs and lime wedges to add a pop of fresh color to the glass.

Variations of this drink

Customize this energizing cocktail to include your favorite fruit flavors. Ready-made mojito comes in fruit-flavored versions, including pineapple, berry and strawberry. A mango Mojito is a popular version that adds a new spin on this timeless drink.

Food pairings

Mojitos are a sharply flavored rum cocktail that has a strong, tart taste from the lime. Seafood pairs well with this rum liquor. Think fish tacos, ceviche and shrimps or prawns when you're planning a food and drink menu. Dishes containing spicy sauces such as a Tex-Mex salsa or Caribbean-inspired entrees like jerk chicken also complement the breezy tropical notes of a mojito.

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