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Fruit Cocktail Ready-to-Drink

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All about ready-to-drink fruit cocktails

Trendy ready-to-drink cocktails

Ready-to-drink cocktails fly off the shelves as people embrace the convenience and taste. Move over sickly sweet drinks ― there's a new sheriff in town! One thing remains the same ― individual servings make it easy to accommodate different tastes without the hassle of running a full bar. Ready-to-drink (RTD) fruit cocktails cover a wide variety of favorite flavors and mixes, and they contain premium liquors. Brands take you to a tropical island, a classy party on a yacht or to a backyard barbecue.

Crafting the beverages

Highly skilled artisans create craft RTD beverages that steal the spotlight. Do you have a taste for a fruit cocktail? Maybe you're longing for an iced tea or hard lemonade? If so, there's a ready-to-drink fruit cocktail for you. Like similar cocktails, ready-to-drink liquor offers high-quality alcoholic beverages in small sizes. Much product testing and development goes into creating flavors that appeal and the results contain various alcohol by volume (ABV) levels and many offer lower levels of sugar and sweeteners.

Pairing cocktail liquor with food

Fill the cooler with ready-to-drink cocktails for guests and serve up snacks for tasty combos. The main thing is to dish up finger food that's easy to hold in one hand — let your guests have the other hand free for their RTDs! Seafood and sliders are great matches for fruit cocktails. For those who enjoy fresh fruit, offer a platter of fruit cubes that blend well with the cocktails.

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