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Drinks for every moment

Delivered to your door. How 'bout that.

Drinks for every moment

Delivered to your door. How 'bout that.

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Daiquiri Ready-to-Drink

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      All about ready-to-drink daiquiris

      What is a daiquiri?

      Daiquiri in its simplest form is a mix of rum, crushed fruit or fruit juice and sugar. Over time, this refreshing cocktail has evolved into a popular drink with many variations. With a daiquiri mix, it's easy to create a delicious cocktail at home!

      The flavor profile of daiquiri

      In its purest form, a daiquiri cocktail is a classic rum-based drink with a delicate flavor profile. It has a nice balance of sweet and sour, with the sweet toasty flavor of the rum effortlessly offset by the energizing tartness of citrus. It's a great drink to chill out with on a warm summer day at the beach or when you're lounging around a backyard pool.

      Daiquiri variations

      While rum and sugar are essential ingredients in a daiquiri, you can vary the fruit flavor to suit your taste buds. Peach, lime, strawberry, mango, mint, apricot and more — you'll find ready-to-drink fruit cocktails to quench your thirst on a hot summer day. If you're a cocktail connoisseur who loves the flavor of fresh fruit infused in your drink, try any fruit-based variety such as a strawberry daiquiri.

      Serving daiquiris

      Daiquiris taste best when served chilled in a cocktail glass. They don't need many garnishes, but a lime or lemon wedge is often used to top them for a citrusy kick. Like other rum-based drinks, daiquiris pair well with most seafood delicacies, including fish tacos, shrimp/prawns and raw seafood dishes such as ceviche.

      Daiquiri history

      Cox, an American engineer invented the daiquiri in Cuba after the Spanish-American war. His invention became popular with the locals, and he named it daiquiri after a nearby port town in Cuba. In 1909, the refreshing drink made its way to the U.S., thanks to an American naval officer.

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