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Cutwater Spirits Lime Vodka Soda*Packaging may vary

Cutwater Spirits Lime Vodka Soda

Soda, Water, & Soft Beverages / California, United States

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Product details

Lemon-Lime Soda
California, United States

Product description

99 Calories. Full of Spirit. Our Lime Vodka Soda combines our award-winning Cutwater Vodka – six times distilled and 15 times filtered with our lightly flavored, lime soda water. The result is a premium and refreshing cocktail that’s ready-to-enjoy.

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Community reviews

4.45 Reviews
  • Patrick

    Cheap liquor with other cheap ingredients that will leave you feeling horrible. They advertise "real vodka", "real tequila". Are we supposed to be impressed they found the cheapest possible liquor that it doesn't even have a name. Sad thing is venues and ball parks are taking away bartenders and just handing these things out, whatever they are, instead of real mixed drinks. I guess they can control it better and don't need real bartenders. Sad, hopefully people stop buying them. They spent a lot more time on designing attractive packaging and marketing than on the product. Go ahead taste yourself.

  • Alyssa
    Verified Buyer
    Verified Buyer

    Love. Perfectly convenient instead of carrying around vodka, soda water, limes, cups, ice, etc etc. when needing drinks on the go! No sugar added means this is easy to drink and tastes way more natural than a White Claw!

  • Ricardo
    Verified Buyer
    Verified Buyer

    Love it!

  • Ania
    Verified Buyer
    Verified Buyer

    This is disgusting. If u like seltzer water then you might like it. I took a couple of sips because I couldn't drink it. A waste of my $6.

  • Patricia
    Verified Buyer
    Verified Buyer


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