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Rosaluna Artesanal Mezcal Joven (Espadín) *Packaging may vary

Rosaluna Artesanal Mezcal Joven (Espadín)

Mezcal /40% ABV / Mexico

Product Details

Calories per Serving (1.5 oz)

Product Description

Meet Rosaluna. Made with just three ingredients (8-year-old agave, water, and a lot of love), it’s designed to get you hooked on the Magic of Mezcal. Bright and brilliant with complex and layered notes of citrus and tropical fruits, look out for a silky smooth finish and just a hint of agave smoke. For the Mezcal newbie, the Mezcal connoisseur, and everyone in between, too.

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Community Reviews

4.9(69 Reviews)
  • Zaker makerJan 22 2022

    If you haven't tried a mezcal margarita, or better yet a mezcal old fashion with your Tex-Mex then you are missing out. This Rosaluna Mezcal is perfect for either or, not overly smokey and exceptionally smooth. You can’t beat Rosaluna. Really highly recommended.

  • Bkaje rossJan 22 2022

    A good mezcal can be tough to find if you don’t know what you are looking for. This Rosaluna Mezcal has a smooth taste, a nice touch of smoke and very pleasant finish. I am actually really impressed by this bottle of mezcal. To be honest I think we’ve found a winner. This mezcal is definitely coming home with me.

  • Sprit jonhJan 3 2022

    This mezcal is smoky, smooth and delicious that I only drink it straight on ice. I'm sure you could mix it with something but I want to taste it. It is a fabulous summer drink hanging out with friends, family or sitting at the campground campfire. Highly recommended.

  • ElleDec 30 2021

    Three reasons I won't buy this again: 1) It tastes like tequila. 2) Also, and this is my fault, I should have looked into the reviews for this mezcal which are suspiciously similar all over the internet. 3) I prefer to support woman-owned businesses or brands owned by Mexican families/individuals and not a group of men who have absolutely no background in this but are great at "brand building". Should have looked into this beforehand as well. I could have looked over the last one if it wasn't for the first two.

  • Gordo kingDec 28 2021

    I bought this on recommendation from one of the sales people not long ago. Rosaluna is an enjoyable sipping mezcal. A little spicy with an amazing finish. It’s also great in mixed drinks. I would highly recommend it to anyone. You just can’t go wrong with it.

  • EziskaDec 21 2021

    I’ve had a few mezcals and Rosaluna is by far the best I've ever had. It starts off smoky but has a sweet fruity finish. A great introduction into mezcal. It’s great on the rocks or in mixed drinks. Try it, you won’t be disappointed.

  • DarionDec 20 2021

    This is one of my dad’s favorite drinks and he loves when I send it to him. Ever since we found Rosaluna he has been extremely easy to buy for. Need a gift for my dad? Just get him a bottle of Rosaluna. That’s actually what I’m doing here. Rosaluna is an amazing mezcal.

  • LodaDec 11 2021

    Its all been said already. Rosaluna is one of the best, with notes of juicy fruit, mint and smoked meat. It gives you a little bit of everything while tasting balanced from start to finish. Give this to people who have never had mezcal before and watch their reactions. They will definitely love it.

  • JohnsonDec 5 2021

    Love this mezcal. It’s very smokey, perfect for my taste. Rosaluna is probably my favorite mezcal so far. I really would recommend it. Enjoy.

  • PrasadNov 29 2021

    Rosaluna is my husband's drink of choice and I can tell he has almost all of his friends turned on to it that had never heard of it before. Then he’s always sending me on here to stock up his supply. Must be some great stuff.