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Mexican Beer

Mexican beer isn't the most fashionable or the most avant garde beer you can drink, but that doesn't mean it doesn't taste good. If you like one Mexican beer, chances are you'll enjoy many others, too. Mexican beer isn't going to load you up with complex, heavy flavors, but it won't leave you wondering why you got water in your beer bottle, either. It's fun and refreshing, great for a day on the beach or a barbecue with your friends.

One of the most fun things to do with Mexican beer is to make Michelada with it. Michelada is a cold drink comprised of beer, lime juice, salt on the rim of your glass and sometimes spices. You prepare the glass with the salt, the lime juice and the spices. Then you pour the bottle into it. It's a fun drink to serve your friends when you want to make a beer drinking evening a bit special.


Two major beer breweries exist in Mexico, and they tend to brew Pilsners and Lagers. The Mexican Pilsners are usually light and refreshing. Corona is the prime example of a Mexican Pilsner that Americans love. Mexican brewers also like to mix Pilsners with lagers or do them Vienna-style. This creates a darker, creamier beer that will excite the palate a bit more. Overall, these tend to be aromatic, citrusy and even fruity. They're easy to drink and are crowd-pleasers at big events.


Mexican Lagers are heavier and darker than Pilsners, but overall are still amber and light brown in taste, though you'll find light and dark variations. Dos Equis is a prime example of a Mexican lager. Don't assume that a Mexican lager is inferior to a German one, because some of the Mexican lagers are extremely popular and have won awards. You can expect a fair bit of hops in some of these lagers, too.

Dark Beers

The craft breweries in Mexico tend to brew things other than pilsners and lagers. You'll find your dark beers at many of these smaller breweries instead of the big two breweries. They use both Munich and Vienna style to brew these beers. You can also often find darker versions of pilsners and lagers, which Mexican brewers market as dark varieties of already popular names. Negra Modelo is probably the most popular dark beer from Mexico, and it features a surprisingly smooth finish.