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Fidencio Clasico Joven*Packaging may vary

Fidencio Clasico Joven

Mezcal / Mexico

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Product description

Wash – The crushed agave is mixed with water three times. The Agave fiber is kept and used in distillation to extract maximum flavor. Ferment – After the wash, the mash is placed in fermentation vats. The vats are made from pine and do not have a cover. With the help of the indigenous, airborne yeast, the magic of fermentation proceeds. This usually takes six days to complete but will vary depending on the air temperature. Distill – The fermented juice is pumped into our alembic (pot still) and twice distilled. It is then evaporated and collected. With each pass through the still, we separate the heart (corazon) of the distillate from the head (cabeza) and tail (cola), which are not used for mezcal. At this point we have mezcal that is at batch strength. Water is then added to bring down the final alcohol level to 44%, or 88 proof. We now have Fidencio Clasico Joven, ready for bottling. Why separate? Different parts of the fermented agave juice evaporate at different temperatures. The impurities are found in the beginning and end (head and tail) of the distillation cycle. Only the corazon is used in the final product.

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