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Erstwhile Mezcal - Espadin by Epifania Gómez Mejia & Silverio García Luis, Rancho Blanco Guilá, Oaxaca*Packaging may vary

Erstwhile Mezcal - Espadin by Epifania Gómez Mejia & Silverio García Luis, Rancho Blanco Guilá, Oaxaca

Mezcal /49% ABV / Mexico

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Product description

Espadin (Agave angustifolia) is the most common varietal of agave used in mezcal production. It is indigenous to most mezcal-producing regions and adapts well to cultivation. Depending on the terroir and climate, Esapdin can take 5-10 years to mature, which is considered fast in the world of agaves. Espadin piñas come in a variety of sizes, and can weigh as much as several hundred pounds. The agave is easy to work with. Subject to the hand of the maker, Espadin can yield a wide variety of flavors and profiles, depending on the climate, time of year at harvest, production style, altitude, and countless other factors. Do not underestimate Espadin. Despite the fact that Espadin is the most “common” agave varietal used for mezcal production, and often less expensive than other varietals, it makes some of the best and most interesting mezcals. As a friend in the trade once said, Espadin mezcal is never “just an Espadin.” Master Mezcalero: Silverio García Luis NOM: NOM-0162 Agave Varietal: Espadín Scientific Name: Agave angustifolia Town / Municipality: Rancho Blanco Güilá, Santiago Matatlán State: Oaxaca Fermentation: Natural, Open-Vat Fermentation in Wood Still Type: Copper Alembic Dates of Distillation: August 2017; March 2018; May 2018 Number of Liters in Corresponding Distillation: 1447; 1197; 997 ABV: 48-49% TASTING NOTES: Butterscotch, black tea, banana, and roasted maguey. A little sweet, a little creamy. Savory, spicy, and peppery, in a way that reminds us of smoked meats and Texas style barbecue. Followed by lingering, resonating notes of ash and soft smoke on the palate. BACKSTORY It was the fall of 2017. My co-founder Kevin Brown and I were on a multi-day trip through the countryside of Oaxaca, drinking cool hibiscus water at roadside stands and meeting producers who might want to be part of Erstwhile Mezcal’s first shipment out of Mexico. Specifically, we were looking for a partner producer of great Espadín, one that we would be proud to introduce to the world as Erstwhile Mezcal’s flagship Espadín. Even before leaving the palenque of master mezcalero Silverio García Luis (whom we had met years before) in Rancho Blanco Güilá, Santiago Matatlán, we already had a gut feeling that this is the One. This Espadin stood out from the (many) others we had tasted. It hit that magical sweet spot of taste, complexity, good value and versatility. Elegant. Balanced. Nuanced. Approachable but never boring. The Erstwhile Espadín is your workhorse mezcal. Delicious for savoring a neat pour on its own. But no less stellar in mixed drinks. The perfect gift for the bon vivant in your life. A dynamite addition to any home or professional bar. Yuan Ji Founder of Erstwhile Mezcal

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