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About Del Maguey Mezcals

Most folks agree that there's no finer mezcal than Del Maguey. The company was founded in 1995 by Ron Cooper, a globally renowned artist known for his explorations of color, light and transparency via mediums such as neon and glass.

Ron's love affair with mezcal and the people of Oaxaca began in the early 1970s while in Mexico working on an art project. He delved into the local culture, especially anything associated with that mystical elixir, and founded Del Maguey in 1995 to bring this magical spirit to the world.

All liquors distilled from the agave plant are mezcal, so technically, tequila falls under that category. However, while tequila must be made from a single type of agave and is primarily made in Jalisco, mezcal can be crafted from different varieties of the plant, with production centered in the Oaxaca region. This allows mezcal to boast a wider range of tastes and styles. It's often marked by a smokier, richer and sometimes sweeter flavor than tequila.

Despite Pernod Ricard USA's 2017 purchase of a majority stake in the company, Del Maguey still produces the same high-quality products. Drizly is proud to offer a wide variety of Del Maguey mezcal that's perfect for sipping neat, taking your coffee up a notch or infusing into a number of unique cocktails.