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Sambuca di Amore*Packaging may vary

Sambuca di Amore

Anise Liqueur /42% ABV / Italy

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Anise Liqueur

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di Amore is an Italian liqueur fine enough to sip alone or as an indulgent addition to a variety of cocktails. Capture the romance of the Italian countryside with our bold tastes of di Amore including Amaretto, Sambuca, Raspberry, Quattro Orange and Limoncello; all bursting with flavor. di Amore, which is Italian for love, appeals to a wide range of consumers, and pairs perfectly with life's best moments. Share your passion for life with the Italian spirit of di Amore.Rich black licorice and white pepper aromas. A syrupy entry leads to a moderately sweet mediumfull body with aniseed and hot white pepper flavors. Finishes with a licorice, pepper, and chalk fade and tongue numbing warmth. Nice pure flavor and peppery intensity will impress in shots or cut through cocktails.

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Community reviews

4.64 Reviews
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  • Luis Castro.
    Verified Buyer
    Verified Buyer

    A nice black licorice flavor with just the right amount of liquor to it

  • Anon
    Verified Buyer
    Verified Buyer

    So good.

  • Angel M.
    Verified Buyer
    Verified Buyer

    Excellent taste.

  • Devony D.



Anise flavor is a distinct taste attributed to anethole, an essential oil that provides the signature black licorice and fennel spiciness you might associate with candies marketed to nursing home residents. While you may not find anise to be especially tasty, it’s an incredibly popular flavor found in cultures worldwide. Interestingly, you can source anethole from either aniseed or star anise, though they are unrelated plants from two entirely different families; aniseed comes from the Pimpinella anisum plant, a species that flourishes in North Africa and the Mediterranean, whereas star anise is the fruit from a tree native to South Asia.
While prominent in many cultures from Mexico and Colombia to Italy and Greece, anise-flavored liqueur is slightly different depending on where it’s made; some rely on a Mediterranean herb called aniseed for the licorice and fennel flavor, while others, like Italy’s best-known anise spirit — sambuca — are actually made with oil from the star anise fruit, a different plant entirely. Anise-flavored liqueur is a category that includes any alcoholic beverage that includes that spicy, black licorice flavoring. Many liqueurs use a distillation process that includes star anise or aniseed, but some, like France’s pastis, actually macerate star anise along with several different herbs to craft their popular aperitif.
The process to make anise liqueur varies dramatically from country to country — the flavor profiles are often altered with the addition of other unique floral and fruit ingredients, including elderflower, dill, wildflowers, nutmeg, clove and berries — though the resulting products maintain their signature licorice and fennel flavor and contain between 25% and 45% ABV. Most anise liqueurs start with a wine grape or other fruit base, though some may begin as a grain-based alcohol. Lebanon’s arak and Greece’s ouzo are distilled with either aniseed or star anise; conversely, France’s pastis and Spain’s chinchón macerate the anise flavors in the wine instead.
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