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All about amaretto liqueur

What is amaretto liqueur?

Originating in Italy, amaretto is an almond-flavored liqueur that you can use to make various cocktails. It's also used in baking or cooking. Though amaretto liqueur has an almond taste, it doesn't always use almonds. Instead, this nut liqueur is derived from apricot kernels, while some brands use a combination of almonds and apricot pits. The addition of burnt sugar or caramel gives this liqueur its characteristic dark brown hue. Experts believe Saronno, a small Italian town near Milan, to be the birthplace of this liqueur.

A Little Bitter?

Amaretto is the diminutive of amaro, meaning bitter in Italian. The word comes from mandoria amara: the bitter almond. The name of the liqueur does not come from amore, meaning love, but it's certainly okay to think of love when consuming this luscious, perfumed spirit. The pun is not unintended.

Flavor profile of amaretto

Amaretto has a great balance of several flavors, including bitter and nutty with just the right hint of sweetness stemming from the almonds. The level of sweetness varies across brands, with premium brands being less sugary as compared to cheaper varieties. This sweet liqueur often contains added flavors, such as vanilla extract, for a complex layer of tastes and lovely aroma.

How to drink amaretto

For those who love to collect various styles of liquor for your home bar, amaretto is a great addition. You can serve it as a dessert drink to round off a meal. Amaretto also pairs well with coffee-flavored liqueurs for a delicious dessert cocktail. Whether it's to add a sweet touch to martinis or complexity to vodka or whiskey, this versatile liqueur is a must-have for a modern bar.

Using amaretto to cook

Try adding this aromatic liqueur to cookies and baked goods for a sweet and nutty flavor that complements their sugary taste. Use it to ramp up the flavor of sweet dessert sauces or to infuse a shiny glaze for savory dishes.

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