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Coffee Liqueur /20% ABV / Mexico

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Coffee Liqueur

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The star ingredient of numerous cocktails, the slight sweetness and classic coffee flavor of Kahlúa make it the perfect addition to drinks made with milk or cream. Hailing from Veracruz, Mexico, Kahlúa coffee liqueur is lovingly crafted using only the finest ingredients, such as 100 percent Arabica coffee beans (which are light-bodied and smooth thanks to the Veracruz climate) and real sugarcane, giving it the mouthwatering flavor and slight kick loved by many.

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Community Reviews

4.8(3098 Reviews)
  • Rachel
    Verified Buyer
    Jan 18 2022
    Verified Buyer

    I love kahlua, it’s my favorite coffee flavored liqueur

  • LJD
    Verified Buyer
    Jan 1 2022
    Verified Buyer

    This bottle of Kahlua added the perfect touch to our Christmas eve coffee gathering.

  • Katherine P.
    Verified Buyer
    Dec 21 2021
    Verified Buyer

    Perfect in the white russian

  • Peggy R.
    Verified Buyer
    Dec 5 2021
    Verified Buyer

    Will be having some tonight in the Russians.

  • John C.
    Verified Buyer
    Dec 1 2021
    Verified Buyer

    Just awesome.

  • OnTheList
    Reviewed at
    Nov 29 2021
    Reviewed at

    Everyone likes the taste of this stuff, I assume, because it is completely artificial. There is no ingredients list but it seems to be cheap spirit and then a bunch of chemicals, artificial flavors, and thickeners. Can't really be real cream as it is, basically, non perishable. I really wonder what it is and how the recipe has changed over the years. I'd MUCH rather make something similar on my own. Would be nice if they came out with a version made and flavored with actual ingredients. I would buy that

  • Stu
    Reviewed at
    Nov 28 2021
    Reviewed at

    They have changed not only the alcohol content but the actual taste in a very substantial way to be for me undrinkabl I am actively seeking old stock but there is almost none around Still calling it 100% original It's had 3 changes in the 35 years I have been drinking it all of them reducing the alcohol content This is the first time that the taste has changed This is the "new coke" of the liqueurs and watered down as well The pour is distinctly thinner (more watery) I will not be buying it in future It's also changed the

  • Natasha L.
    Verified Buyer
    Nov 25 2021
    Verified Buyer

    This is my favorite drink and the price want too bad.

  • Melody B.
    Verified Buyer
    Nov 24 2021
    Verified Buyer


  • Sarah
    Reviewed at
    Nov 2 2021
    Reviewed at

    I bought a bottle some weeks ago - 20% alc/vol. Yesterday I bought another one, only 16% alc/vol. How can both be "The Original"? I loved the one with 20% for white russians. The one with 16% is okay, a bit too sweet and not strong enough for heavy drinks. ;) Got to use some more vodka for sure.



Coffee liqueur is fairly self-explanatory: it’s coffee and alcohol mixed together! However, people have come to expect certain things from coffee liqueur, including a somewhat sweet flavor to balance out the sharp tang of the alcohol and coffee. Commercial brands of coffee liqueur include Kahlua and Tia Maria.
To make your own coffee liqueur, start by cold brewing ¼ cup of fine-ground espresso with 1-¼ cups of water in a glass jar. Combine 1 cup of turbinado sugar with 1 cup of water and bring the mixture to a boil, then remove it from the heat and let it cool to room temperature. Finally, add this cooled syrup to your cold coffee, along with 1 vanilla bean (don’t worry, you’ll remove it at the end) and 1-½ cups of light rum, letting the mixture sit for 3 days. Or, save the headache and order it on Drizly.
Yes, Kahlúa is a coffee liqueur that originated in Mexico in the year 1936. Kahlúa has become one of the most popular coffee liqueurs on earth and sports a caramel color and a rich, deep flavor. It is made with real black coffee, sweet butter and roasted chestnuts.
Technically, Baileys is an Irish cream liqueur. The brand does offer a coffee-flavored version of their liqueur that hits the spot for many coffee liqueur lovers, but it is still technically not a coffee liqueur. Baileys sports its characteristic taste thanks to flavorings of cocoa, Irish whiskey and real Irish milk cream.

Kahlua Recipes

White Russian

  • vodka

Somewhere between a jacked up iced coffee, and a boozy dessert sits the White Russian. If you're a Big Lebowski fan, you know this as the "Dude's" favorite cocktail. Ever wondered what people are always buying that one bottle of Kahlua for? This is it. The rich sweet, coffee flavors of Kahlua are off set by vodka and cold milk, resulting in a decadent drink that is easy to sip anytime of day. Not a dairy fan? Swap in the whole milk for coconut milk for a nutty twist on this classic.

Kahlua Caramel Affogato 

  • liqueur

The Kahlua Caramel Affogato brings a summer vibe to this delicious adult treat. 

Kahlua Coconut Milk White Russian

  • liqueur

A non-dairy version of the White Russian replaces heavy cream with coconut milk to make it vegan. It's the perfect after-dinner drink to serve with (or as) dessert.