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DeKuyper Triple Sec Liqueur*Packaging may vary

DeKuyper Triple Sec Liqueur

Citrus & Triple Sec Liqueur /24% ABV / United States

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Citrus & Triple Sec Liqueur
United States

Product description

DeKuyper® Triple Sec Cordial brings the essence of orange to your favorite cocktails. DeKuyper's blend meticulously melds the flavors of sweet and bitter oranges from distilled dried peels for a one-of-a-kind liqueur. An essential ingredient in any bartender's repertoire, this cordial has a pronounced and lingering citrus taste. No margarita, long island iced tea, or cosmopolitan is complete without the distinctive orange flavor of triple sec.

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Yes, Dekuyper Triple Sec Liqueur is an orange-flavored liqueur. Specifically, triple sec denotes any dry, clear, orange-flavored liqueur, and Dekuyper’s offering is a must-have ingredient in Long Island Iced Teas, cosmopolitans, margarita cocktails, and other drinks. This liqueur blends the citrus flavor of oranges with that of the curaçao fruit, creating a masterful liqueur that strikes the perfect balance between acidity and sweetness.
The secret to Dekuyper Triple Sec Liqueur’s success is the authentic taste of fresh orange citrus within it — a taste that’s actually made from dried orange peels and infused into the drink. This flavor makes triple sec liqueur perfect for after-dinner aperitifs and cocktails like the Long Island Iced Tea, sidecar, cosmopolitan, and margarita. Dekuyper takes the idea of triple sec a bit further by blending both orange and curaçao flavors. This combination brings sweetness, tartness, and acidity to the drink.
Triple sec and orange liqueur nearly mean the same thing, but triple sec is more of a category of orange-flavored liqueurs — one that is clear and dry. Dekuyper Triple Sec Liqueur and Cointreau are popular examples of a triple sec. Thanks to its infusion of both natural orange and curaçao fruits, Dekuyper Triple Sec Liqueur is a popular choice for mixing cocktails such as the cosmopolitan, margarita, Long Island Iced Tea, and others.
Dekuyper Triple Sec makes a fantastic gift thanks to its reliability between bottles — every bottle you purchase is guaranteed to strike the perfect flavor balance between natural orange peels and curaçao fruit. As a gift, you’re giving a beverage that can be sipped neat or used to complement other liquors in cocktail recipes. Dekuyper Triple Sec Liqueur is the ideal blend of sweet and sour, and its price point and availability make it accessible to grab on the way to a party.
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