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Cointreau Orange Liqueur Triple Sec*Packaging may vary

Cointreau Orange Liqueur Triple Sec

Citrus & Triple Sec Liqueur /40% ABV / France

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Product details

Citrus & Triple Sec Liqueur
Liquor Flavor
Tasting Notes
Bitter, Citrus, Fresh, Fruity, Herbal, Sweet, Vanilla
Base Ingredients
Food Pairing
Beef, Cheese - Blue, Cheese - Creamy & Bloomy, Cheese - Fresh & Soft, Cheese - Hard Aged, Cheese - Nutty & Semi-Firm, Cheese - Stinky, Chicken, Cured Meats, Dessert - Chocolate & Coffee, Dessert - Fruit, Dessert - Vanilla & Caramel, Duck & Game Bird, Fish - Meaty & Oily, Fish - White, Fruit - Citrus, Fruit - Dried, Fruit - Sweet, Lamb, Mushrooms, Nuts, Pasta, Pork, Root Vegetables, Salads & Greens, Shellfish, Tomatoes, Turkey

Product description

Cointreau is an iconic orange liqueur with crystal clear color, exceptional citrus aroma, and an instantly fresh taste that lingers. Crafted from a precise blend of sweet and bitter orange peels and meticulous distillation processes, this full-strength spirit is perfectly balanced and smooth. Throughout its more than 170 years of history, Cointreau has inspired the imagination of mixologists, bartenders, chefs, and home hosts around the world. Now at the heart of more than 500 of the world’s most celebrated cocktails, Cointreau is highly versatile to create more elevated cocktails, bringing balance, depth, and freshness to the mix. Cointreau has won more than 300 international awards ever since its birth. In the 19th century, Cointreau became the essential ingredient of many classic cocktails, including The Original Margarita, The Cosmopolitan, and The Sidecar. To learn more about Cointreau and its bespoke cocktail recipes, visit or follow Cointreau on Instagram/Twitter via @Cointreau_US or Facebook via @cointreauUS.

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Community reviews

4.9127 Reviews
  • Nathan
    Verified Buyer
    Verified Buyer

    A nice balance of fruit , blends well with tequila.

  • Tom
    Verified Buyer
    Verified Buyer

    …part of my Margarita recipe❗️

  • David
    Verified Buyer
    Verified Buyer

    They didn’t have it and swapped it

  • Kendra Rickert.
    Verified Buyer
    Verified Buyer

    The service was wonderful. It didn’t take long at all to get our order. The driver was very nice.

  • Taco Smith

    Best liquor served (to a minor) ever. Thank you so much

  • George Knight

    You can find at Costco, Better then any flavord drinks

  • Rachel
    Verified Buyer
    Verified Buyer

    I ordered the regular Cointreau and this Noir version showed up.

  • Etinosa


  • Nancy
    Verified Buyer
    Verified Buyer

    Didn't have any in stock !!

  • Raven Dorantes.
    Verified Buyer
    Verified Buyer

    My fave! Richer orange flavor than an Orange flavored vodka but without the over sticky sweetness of a heavy cordial



Triple sec is a category of drinks — specifically, a group of dry orange liqueurs — and Cointreau is one of them. On its own, the term “triple sec” can be a bit confusing, as it refers to both a category of liqueurs and, more colloquially, to a family of inexpensive, low-quality orange liqueurs. That’s why it’s important to distinguish between Cointreau and triple sec: Cointreau is stronger, smoother, and has far more complexity to it than your average triple sec, with a smooth orange flavor that walks a fine line between sweetness and bitterness.
The abstract answer is that the ingredients of the margarita are totally up to you, the mixologist, the artist, the Picasso of liquor (Drink-asso?). However, in reality, you definitely need Cointreau instead of a cheap triple sec or orange liqueur. The main reason for this is that Cointreau promises a well-balanced margarita that doesn’t veer too strongly into either sweetness or bitterness. The difference between a Cointreau margarita and a standard triple sec margarita is obvious.
Cointreau is a versatile liqueur that goes well with a range of citrus juices, coffee or hot chocolate, hot or cold apple cider, or sour mix and club soda. You can also drink Cointreau with amaretto or dry sparkling wine, or mix it in a cocktail with some tangy lime juice, orange, ice, and sparkling water — this is the classic Cointreau Fizz cocktail. Don’t be afraid to try Cointreau straight, as well, because it’s got a lovely sweet flavor that’s great on its own.
Cointreau is one of the most recognizable and trusted names in the universe of orange liqueurs, so giving a bottle to someone as a gift is a great gesture. Cointreau is crafted in Saint-Barthélemy-d'Anjou in France and is considered an essential ingredient in a wide range of cocktails — including, of course, the margarita. If your gift recipient enjoys mixing cocktails and having a colorful bottle of high-quality liqueur on their shelf, Cointreau won’t disappoint.

About the brand

Cointreau is the crystal-clear orange liqueur essential for any home bar. It is at the heart of more than 350 of the world's most celebrated cocktails including The Original Margarita, The Cosmopolitan, and The Sidecar.

This full-strength, 80-proof spirit has the versatility to mix with any type of liquor to craft a more elevated cocktail. Distilled from a blend of all-natural sweet and bitter orange peels, Cointreau has a perfectly balanced flavor beloved by mixologists and bartenders worldwide. The superior distillation process maintains the quality of the orange peels and preserves their natural essential oils, lending Cointreau its unique, highly aromatic qualities.

The House of Cointreau was founded in 1849 in Angers, France, where Edouard Cointreau perfected the recipe. To learn more about Cointreau, visit or follow Cointreau on Instagram or Twitter via @Cointreau_US or Facebook via @cointreauUS.

Drizly's take

An integral component of any home bar, Cointreau® is a colorless orange liqueur. This aromatic spirit features a complex blend of sweet and bitter orange peel extracts, giving it more than 40 fragrant orange notes. On the nose, this Cointreau liqueur is zesty, fresh, floral and sweet. Enjoy it neat or over ice to experience the symphony of fresh and orangey flavors.

The outstanding balance of flavors makes this Cointreau alcohol an excellent bar mixer. In cocktails, it enhances the taste of other ingredients, bringing balance and freshness to mixed drinks. This triple sec liqueur is at the heart of many famous cocktails, including the Cosmopolitan and the original Margarita. If you need a surprise twist to a mimosa, then add a dash of this orange liqueur to the blend of fresh orange juice and sparkling wine for a delicious change. Grab a bottle by clicking these handy links to search for Drizly in your city, and look for liquor stores on Drizly near you.

-This citrus liqueur features bitter and sweet orange peel extract
-A highly aromatic liquor with an intense flavor or oranges
-An integral part of celebrated cocktails such as the Cosmopolitan and Margarita

Try these Cointreau recipes

The Original Margarita

  • tequila

The Original Margarita was created in 1948 when Dallas socialite Margarita Sames mixed her two favorite spirits, Cointreau and tequila, together with lime juice while vacationing in Acapulco. This original recipe has stood the test of over 70 years' time. As Margarita Sames said, "A Margarita without Cointreau is not worth its salt."

The Cosmopolitan 

  • vodka

The Cosmopolitan was created by Toby Cecchini in New York City at The Odeon in 1988. Cecchini took an existing, imperfect cocktail making the rounds in San Francisco and added Cointreau and fresh juices, establishing the elegant recipe that tipped the world into the modern craft cocktail movement. This blush pink cocktail has an established history as one of the most well-known classic cocktails, and certainly the most iconic drink to emerge from the 80s. A mainstay at top bars around the world, The Cosmopolitan has influenced pop culture - from the big screen to fashion runways - and remains a cocktail of choice for tastemakers worldwide.

The Mango Margarita

  • mezcal

Add a tropical twist to your margarita with a touch of mango juice and chile lime salt. A perfect cocktail for the summer months.

The Piña Margarita

  • tequila

Nothing says beach time like fresh pineapple juice. The added cinnamon-sugar rim provides an indulgent, sweet taste you wouldn't expect in a margarita.

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