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All About Triple Sec

Raise your hand if you've had triple sec (hint: your hand should be up right now). Even if you've never explicitly ordered it, you've almost definitely had it.

What is triple sec? Well, the liqueur is probably not something you've ordered on its own, although it is certainly enjoyable that way. But it is featured in hundreds of cocktail recipes, a few of which you likely count amongst your favorites.

Made from orange peels, triple sec is distilled three times (hence the name) to get its distinct flavor, which pairs well with a large variety of other ingredients.

Originally called Curaçao triple sec, the orange-flavored liqueur was invented between 1834 and 1848 in France by Jean-Baptiste Combier — maybe. History isn't exactly clear on this point, since Combier was famous for his elixir Combier, which contained orange. Cointreau Distillery claims to have invented the liqueur in 1849. While history dukes this one out, we'll just be sitting over here sipping a lovely triple sec cocktail.

Triple Sec Cocktails:

Have you ever enjoyed a Long Island Ice Tea? If so, you've savored triple sec. This iconic cocktail is blended with triple sec, vodka, tequila, gin and a splash of cola for the perfect summer shaker.

The cheery Cosmopolitan also features triple sec along with vodka, cranberry juice and lime juice. It's one of those modern classics that makes you look more sophisticated than you actually are. Who wouldn't drink to that?

Even if you're not much of a cocktail drinker, you've probably had a few margaritas in your day. This widely-loved drink consists of triple sec, tequila and lime or lemon juice with sugar or salt on the rim. It's served blended or shaken with ice — or without ice, if that's how you roll.

Between the Sheets is an old-fashioned cocktail hailing from 1930 that's enjoying a revival in home bars across America. To make Between the Sheets, mix triple sec, cognac, white rum and lemon juice. It's similar to a Sidecar, but uses less cognac and adds rum.


Depending on the cocktail, you might use a highball or cocktail glass to serve your triple sec concoction.