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Arrow Peach Schnapps*Packaging may vary

Arrow Peach Schnapps

Fruit Liqueur /15% ABV / United States

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Fruit Liqueur
United States

Product description

Arrow® Peach Schnapps combines the flavor of ripe peaches and the icy tartness of schnapps. This is a party pleaser that can be served ice cold, on the rocks, or mix with soft drinks or juices. Add a splash to orange juice and ice to create the perfect Fuzzy Navel.

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The Arrow brand (owned by the Luxco beverage company) makes a variety of different spirits, but their sweetened liqueurs (also known as schnapps) are easily their most popular product. Arrow uses a special filtration method for its flavored liqueurs, like the Arrow Peach Schnapps, giving this spirit an extra crisp bite. Most schnapps recipes employ a neutral grain spirit as their base before steeping real fruit or adding other flavors. Sweeter flavor schnapps, like the Arrow Peach Schnapps, should be served chilled if you’re drinking it neat, though it’s more common to use peach schnapps in a mixed drink or even a dessert recipe.
Most schnapps brands in North America use neutral grain-based alcohol as the base for their flavored liqueurs. Rye and wheat alcohol are more common, but the exact ingredients can vary pretty dramatically. Companies then add fruit, spices, or other flavorings to the spirit, allowing the ingredients to infuse together before bottling the final product. Interestingly, schnaps (notice the change in spelling) in Europe is a slightly different product. European schnapps are distilled from actual fruit juice (so essentially a brandy) and have a higher alcohol content (American-style schnapps have a lower ABV of around 15% to 20%, whereas the European brandies typically top 30% ABV).
Technically yes — the U.S. Food and Drug Administration classifies any distilled spirit (even those made from grains) as a gluten-free product since the gluten proteins are removed during the distillation process. Schnapps uses a neutral, grain-based spirit as the foundation that is then augmented with other flavors, and peaches and other fruits are all inherently gluten-free. That being said, the exact ingredient list for Arrow Peach Schnapps isn’t available, and peach schnapps is often used in mixed drinks. Those with gluten sensitivities should always take caution anytime there are extra ingredients or mixers added to a spirit.
Peach is easily the most popular flavor for schnapps, and peach schnapps is a really fun ingredient for all kinds of mixed drinks (Fuzzy Navels, peach martinis, peach daiquiris, etc.). However, people don’t often think to buy a bottle for their home liquor cabinet, making this a great choice for a housewarming party. You can purchase the schnapps, orange juice, and even the bag of ice through Drizly’s one-stop-shop website or app.
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