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Navy Strength Gin

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All about navy strength gin

What is navy strength gin?

Reach for navy strength gin the next time you crave a gin and tonic. This potent yet smooth gin is ideally suited for cocktails. The gin contains the same herbs as modern gin but in different proportions. Depending on the gin variety, its flavors spring from juniper berries, heather, oranges, finger limes, cardamom, cinnamon, fresh ginger and finger limes. Its herbal ingredients give it intensity and potency, offering an earthy feel that creates a fresh and juicy palate. Its botanicals generally come from locations close to the distillery. The flavor of this gin varies depending on several factors, including the season in which gin makers pick the botanicals.

Navy strength gin history

While navy strength gins became popular only in the 1990s, the liquor got its name in the 18th century when the Royal Navy carried gin on its vessels. Since some people sold watered-down gins in those times, the navy decided to test each variant to ensure its minimum potency. They mixed the gin with gunpowder and lit the mixture. If it burned with a clean flame, it proved that the gin was strong enough. People coined the term "navy strength gin" to show that the gin was potent and not a watered-down version.

Gin characteristics

In all liquors, there's a relationship between spirit and flavor. This is especially true for gin. A strong gin contains oils from the botanical ingredients, which change the gin's flavor. Navy strength liquor has a stronger flavor than original gin as well as a higher ABV of at least 57%. The extra kick comes with spicy flavors, which makes this gin ideal for mixing into cocktails. It goes well with smoked salmon, cucumber sandwiches, fish and chips and cured meats. Explore Drizly to find a bottle of Sipsmith V.J.O.P Gin, a navy strength gin from London with flavors of cherries, plums and vanilla. Just add some tonic water and a twist of lime to brew a great gin and tonic. Brew your next martini with Plymouth Navy Strength Gin, known for its smooth flavor.

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