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Easy to remember. Satisfying and sophisticated. These are the staples of the lineup of liquors that have made Seagram's a household name. Founded in 1857, Seagram's was one of the first Canadian whiskies to grow across both Canada and the United States, yet it didn't burst into America without a little help from Prohibition. Distilled in Quebec, shipped to Newfoundland and smuggled by gangsters into New York City, Seagram's gained a certain amount of notoriety among the speakeasies of Manhattan. Not only did Seagram's ties to organized crime rile up intrigue, but it also became a free distributor and advertiser.

Fast-forward nearly 100 years, and the bad-boy image may have worn off, but the Seagram's name is still alive and well. Branching out into gin, vodka, premium whiskies and flavored liquors, Seagram's has a diverse array of products for every palate. Loosen your tie and sip a whiskey on the rocks. Pour some gin and tonic together for a classy experience you can still have in a T-shirt. Grab a flavored vodka and make your own creation. Versatility is synonymous with Seagram's.

If mixology seems tantamount to a calculus class, Seagram's lineup of premium malt beverages takes the thinking out of drink-making. Whatever your drink of choice, you'll find something you love with Seagram's in hand.