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Leblon® Cachaça*Packaging may vary

Leblon® Cachaça

Cachaça /46% ABV / Brazil

Product Details

Tasting Notes
Fruity, Silky, Smooth, Toasty, Vanilla

Product Description

Named after the affluent neighborhood and popular beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Leblon® Cachaça (pronounced “ka-SHA-sa”) founded in 2005, is an award-winning handcrafted alambique cachaça produced at Destileria Maison Leblon in the region of Minas Gerais, Brazil. Overseen by Gilles Merlet, one of the world’s pre-eminent Master Distillers, Leblon Cachaça's outstanding quality and superb taste is a result of meticulous attention to detail throughout the production process, from the cutting of the fresh sugar cane, fermentation, and distillation, to the filtering, blending, and resting for up to six months.

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Community Reviews

4.9(9 Reviews)
  • Marcello
    Verified Buyer
    Jul 21 2021
    Verified Buyer


  • Elfe C.
    Verified Buyer
    Jan 1 2021
    Verified Buyer

    In general, this alcohol is a little sweet, but it's what's needed for caipirinhas!

  • Dami
    Verified Buyer
    Jun 11 2020
    Verified Buyer

    Came incredibly quickly and was essential for my Blackberry & Cabernet Caipirinha - Thanks Drizzly!

  • Quintin
    Verified Buyer
    Jun 8 2020
    Verified Buyer

    A lot cheaper to buy on here then at my local store. (About 10$) Makes a lovely caipirinha.

  • Catherine
    Verified Buyer
    May 25 2020
    Verified Buyer

    Love this brand of cachaça- perfect for making my favorite Brazilian cocktails- caipirinhas! Highly reccomend :ok_hand:

  • Ryan
    Verified Buyer
    Apr 14 2019
    Verified Buyer

    Great delivery... Great Cachaca ....

  • Max
    Verified Buyer
    Nov 5 2018
    Verified Buyer

    Always good

  • Mack
    Verified Buyer
    Jul 7 2018
    Verified Buyer

    Great for caipirinha

  • Cherie M.
    Verified Buyer
    Sep 5 2017
    Verified Buyer

    Beautiful bottle, great delivery service.


The national spirit of Brazil, cachaça (pronounced as kah-SHAH-sah), is a distilled spirit made from pure sugar cane juice. Many people mistake it for rum; in fact, cachaça is its own drink and often sells better than both gin and tequila.
Cachaça comes from pure, freshly pressed Brazilian sugar cane and comes from Brazil's over 3,000 legal (and just as many illegal) distilleries. The distillers ferment the juice with yeast, converting the sugar to alcohol, then distill it using copper still pots to reach around 40% ABV. Aging usually occurs in French or American oak barrels or using indigenous woods to offer widely varying flavor profiles.
No, cachaça is not rum — though it was originally listed as a type of rum when it was first imported to the USA. It likely predates rum by a long shot, and though both are sugar-based distillates, cachaça comes from fresh-pressed sugar cane juice, while rum usually comes from molasses or other sugar byproducts. Cachaça also tastes different from rum, with a more subtle sweetness and a raw, fruity taste.