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All about cachaça

Cachaça liquor is made from sugarcane juice. It comes from Brazil, and people often confuse it for a type of rum. Cachaça is widely popular and is the main ingredient of caipirinha, the national drink of Brazil. As it has gained popularity in the west, it is available in many liquor stores. It's a fruity, sweet and spicy spirit that's crisp and generally clear.

How it's made

Technically, cachaça is made exclusively in Brazil, and it outsells other liquors in the country. It's made from fresh sugarcane juice that's fermented with yeast. This converts the sugar to alcohol. This sugarcane liquor then undergoes distillation to produce cachaça. Distilleries can bottle it directly or set it to age. Technically, it should age only in indigenous Brazilian wood, but depending on their location, distillers may use French or American oak barrels. Cachaça aged in American white oak tastes very different from those aged in Brazilian wood. Some popular types of wood for aging cachaça are balsam and Brazilian amburana.

How to drink it

You can sip and savor a glass of aged cachaça, or you can mix this liquor in a cocktail. It goes well with tortilla chips, salsa and guacamole. It also tastes delicious with fried pastries

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