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Drinks for every moment

Delivered to your door. How 'bout that.

Drinks for every moment

Delivered to your door. How 'bout that.


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      All About Armagnac

      Originally from France, Armagnac brandy is the oldest and most rustic member of the brandy family. More precisely, it has roots in the Gascony region. To create it, the producers use four varieties of white grapes: folle blanche, colombard, baco and ugni blanc. Each grape type produces different flavor notes, so every brand of this spirit varies slightly from the others. Try them all to become an armagnac connoisseur!

      The liquor undergoes a single distillation process and then ages in oak barrels to create a complex flavor profile. Armagnac has a protected designation of origin (DOP),  and the three production sub-areas are Bas Armagnac, Armagnac Tenareze and Haut Armagnac. If you get a bottle that is not from these areas, it's not real Armagnac.

      The Armagnac drink has a fragrance of dried fruits, licorice and butterscotch. Enjoy sipping the golden-hued treat in a warmed glass after a meal.

      Armagnac vs. Cognac

      Most Cognac only contains the ugni blanc grape varieties, while Armagnac can contain four different varieties. Cognac comes from the Cognac region rather than the areas where distillers make Armagnac.

      Cognac undergoes a different production process than its less famous counterpart, with two rounds of distillation for a subtler flavor. Armagnac liquor, which features a robust flavor, typically has a higher alcohol content than cognac. While Cognac must age for at least two years, some younger versions of armagnac only age for a year or so.

      Shop Drizly for a range of the armagnac options such as Saint Vivant Armagnac, which ages for four years and offers notes of plum and vanilla. Stock up on this and other favorite spirits for a night of fun with family and friends. Shop Drizly or click these links to look for us in your city, or browse liquor stores near you.