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All About Armagnac

A bottle of liquor makes for a poor blanket. It's hard and smaller than most people's arms. But, if you can't find an actual blanket, Armagnac can at least help you stay warm. It's a member of the brandy family, but unlike its elegant relatives, Armagnac is more rustic. Made from white grapes, it's distilled once and aged in oak barrels. Only recently becoming more prevalent in America, Armagnac is typically produced by small-scale, family-owned operations.

The Wildcard:
Unlike more refined brandies and cognacs, Armagnac will keep you on your toes. Each of the ten grapes can produce different aromas and flavor qualities, meaning Armagnac brands can vary wildly. So keep experimenting.

How to Drink It:
Armagnac is great for drinking neat, straight from a snifter. It also works well in fruit-forward cocktails, adding depth and complexity.