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The world's number 1 Rakı brand*, Yeni Rakı, which proudly represents a 500-year-old rakı culture, is produced by processing carefully selected fresh grapes and raisins from Anatolia. Yeni Rakı achieves perfection by adding high-quality aniseed to suma obtained from a well-balanced mixture of fresh grapes and raisins. Yeni Rakı, which gives a name and life to a unique culture is first produced in 1937. Rakı is the ultimate symbol of sharing, connecting, and friendship. *IWSR 2019, In terms of volume

Lion’s Bite Recipe

This cocktail (Lion’s Bite as we call it), will burst bitter and sour flavors in your mouth and it’s also super easy. You can prepare yourself a glass of Lion’s Bite just in a minute. 

Pomegranate Highball

This one is for sour-lovers. The unique taste of rakı meets pomegranate juice and a squeeze of lime.


The name bears it all. This cocktail is an aniseed kick with rakı to espresso.

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