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Set in the idyllic boreal forest of Vermont, Whistlepig has been “crafting the world’s finest and most interesting rye whiskeys” since 2007. After purchasing a farm and a 10-year-old stock of Canadian whiskey for blending, the founders set forth. At every step of the process, they still stop to ask themselves the three core questions: Has this been done before, can we make it better based on what we’ve learned and is there a new way of doing this that’s worth exploring?

That’s what sets Whistlepig apart. There’s always something new to try. There’s always an improvement to be made. The distillers’ farm features a healthy family of animals including pigs, goats, bees and sheep, as well as 20 acres of sugar maples tapped each spring for syrup. And though they have a sizable stock of exquisitely aged rye whiskeys on hand, the makers know that age alone won’t make their whiskeys perfect — that comes with all the finishing touches.

It’s why they age their rye whiskeys in oak barrels made from trees on the farm (Vermont’s about as far north as an oak tree can survive, giving it more growth rings and greater flavor contribution). It’s why they’re just as likely to toss a batch as to continue it. And in the end, it’s why you will not find a better rye whiskey than that produced by Whistlepig.

Despite its laudatory history, WhistlePig has only been in operation since 2015, which makes its achievements even more impressive. We recommend trying the WhistlePig Rye 10 Year, which features an incredibly full body and a symphony of flavor notes that come together seamlessly. To fully enjoy the smooth, creamy finish, drink this whiskey neat or on the rocks.

For a spicier whiskey, pick up a bottle of WhistlePig Old World Rye. It's great in cocktails and boasts dark red fruit flavors.