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WhistlePig Whiskeys

If you're looking for a refined and celebrated bottle of whiskey, you can't go wrong with WhistlePig. It has the distinction of being the most awarded rye whiskey maker in the world, so you know the company's doing something right.

Believe it or not, WhistlePig was formed by friends and rye whiskey enthusiasts who transformed an abandoned dairy farm into a distillery in the Vermont countryside. WhistlePig grows its own rye, harvests its own wood and uses its own water supply to refine the process.

Vermont oak lends lots of flavor to each bottle. Since WhistlePig whiskies are made from rye, you can expect spicy, rich flavors from every vintage. Master Distiller Dave Pickerell spends his days perfecting the aging process, manning the machinery and selecting barrels.

Despite its laudatory history, WhistlePig has only been in operation since 2015, which makes its achievements even more impressive. We recommend trying the WhistlePig Rye 10 Year, which features an incredibly full body and a symphony of flavor notes that come together seamlessly. To fully enjoy the smooth, creamy finish, drink this whiskey neat or on the rocks.

For a spicier whiskey, pick up a bottle of WhistlePig Old World Rye. It's great in cocktails and boasts dark red fruit flavors.