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All About Yamazaki

A common discussion at Drizly (over drinks, of course) is where the world's finest whisky comes from. While most folks would say Scotland, there's a small but tenacious subgroup that holds Japan as the reigning champion. It's an underdog story to be sure, given that Japan's distilling history only goes back 150 years while Scotland has been doing its thing since the 14th century.

Enter Yamazaki, the first commercial distillery in Japan. It opened its doors in 1923 thanks to the efforts of Suntory founder Shinjiro Torii. Its location just outside of Kyoto boasts some of the purest waters found in all of Japan. Torii was admittedly influenced by Scottish whisky and strove to create a spirit that would embody the heart and soul of the Japanese people.

Yamazaki is the first Japanese single-malt originated in the first Japanese distillery. It possesses a rich and subtle character, and you'll experience notes that range from floral and citrus to spice. Yamazaki is exquisitely smooth and soft, perfect for serving neat.

Drizly is proud to offer several fine Yamazaki whiskies. Choose from 12-year, 18-year and 25-year single-malt varieties. The unparalleled silkiness of Yamazaki whisky is more than a purchase — it's an investment in luxury itself.