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The BenRiach Distillery

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About The Brand

At BenRiach Distillery, we're known for doing things a little differently, following in the footsteps of our intrepid founder, John Duff, who pursued whisky adventures at home and abroad, before building BenRiach Distillery in 1898, in the north of Speyside. Our philosophy, which we call 'Maltology', is a creative approach to whisky distilling, cask maturation and blending, all in the pursuit of flavour. It has been built around the distillery's decades-old craft and is embodied in every step of our whisky making. We distill three distinct styles of whisky at BenRiach, matured in a diverse range of cask types: classic unpeated, Highland peat-smoked, and small batches of triple-distilled. BenRiach's rich layers of Speyside taste come from a perfect synchronicity of events. 'Fruit-forward' distillation and the mineral-rich water, which we source from deep below the ground, enrich the whisky's orchard fruit notes with a refreshing citrus zest. Mashing with four (instead of the usual three) mineral-rich infusions, releases more sweetness of flavour from the barley. Embracing the experimental while honouring craft, BenRiach is one of just two distilleries in Speyside to use onsite floor maltings to turn locally sourced barley by hand. Celebrated for one month each year, this adds a wholesome barley character to our rich Speyside style; to be experienced in rare, limited expressions.