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All about Svedka

Svedka is one of the most well-known spirits from Sweden; in fact, its name is literally a combination of the words “Svenska” (meaning Swedish) and “vodka.” Evidence of Swedish vodka-making practices can be traced all the way back to the 1400s, even though Svedka itself is a more modern brand. Made from distilled grain alcohol like most vodkas, Svedka is specifically created using golden winter wheat from Sweden (four pounds of wheat are needed to make a single bottle)!

Known for bold and memorable marketing campaigns (think, robots and eccentric clubs), Svedka is most famous for its candy-store-worthy flavors. Bottles come in multi-colored, neon hues featuring tasty pairings such as cherry limeade, dragon fruit melon, strawberry guava and ginger lime. All fruits are at Svedka’s mercy. Ever on trend, Svedka released equally eye-catching canned vodka sodas and a charmingly pink vodka and rosé blend.

There’s a reason it’s one of the most successful imported liquors in the United States. Today, you can expect to find a bottle of original Svedka behind the bar at all your favorite watering holes, including Drizly; it’s an affordable, adaptable option for any vodka cocktail.