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Stolichnaya Vodka

Stolichnaya, or Stoli as it's known in the biz, is a Russian vodka known for its distillation process and excellent taste. Few other vodkas in the world have a more labor-intensive production. Made from wheat grain, rye grain and artesian water, Stolichnaya is triple-distilled and filtered through sand, quartz, charcoal and woven cloth. The result is an 80 proof vodka that's crisp, clean and refreshing.

What separates Stolichnaya from other vodka makers is that it was specifically started to make a better quality vodka. The Russian crown started distillation in 1901 as a way to control the quality. What makes Stolichnaya Vodka even more interesting is that it's a disputed brand since the fall of the USSR. A private Luxembourg-based company and a state-owned Russian conglomerate both lay claims to the name. It's like some sort of love-torn couple, but instead of deciding who takes the dog, they just decided to go about business anyways. It looks like King Solomon should get on the case.

What Products Does Stolichnaya Offer?

Stolichnaya has many product offerings, but the classic is still the most popular. Offered in red label, gold label and the higher-proof blue label, the unflavored vodka is a solid pairing for many cocktails. It can also be enjoyed on the rocks with some ice if you're all sophisticated like that. Stolichnaya Elit is the Cadillac of the lineup, winning multiple awards for its clean taste.

For those who don't consider themselves purists, Stolichnaya offers over a dozen other concoctions that are either fruity or sweet. Pomegranate, peach and honey are all nice complements for a tropical cocktail, while the chocolate and raspberry or chocolate and coconut are like a delicious, liquefied, alcoholic dessert. There's also a gluten-free option for the health-conscious. Just remember that you shouldn't drink it if you can't define what gluten actually is.

Stolichnaya also produces a non-alcoholic ginger beer that's great on its own or as one half of the famed and aptly-named Moscow Mule. All you need to do is supply the copper cup — or at least the free cup you got at your work's team-building 2007 conference.

How to Drink Stolichnaya:

Like any delicious vodka, Stoli Vodka is delicious no matter how you drink it. Add it to a cocktail, drink it neat or take a shot, and you won't end up disappointed. It's not as great after brushing your teeth, so if you're looking for a night cap, you may want to brush afterward. Or at least pitch the idea of a peppermint toothpaste flavor to management.