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All about Stolichnaya

The way Stolichnaya made its way from the USSR to the USA was a pretty monumental moment. In Russia, the brand’s history goes back decades. Its actual birthdate is contested but certainly occurred sometime between 1938 and 1953. Russia’s Sojuzplodoimport, the brand’s main owner, claims that the vodka was made in 1938, though. Soviet specialists came up with this premium rye/wheat vodka and were able to get the first bottles to market in 1941. It took two more years before mass production started.

Today, Stoli (as it’s known) offers a wide range of vodka, from lime to cucumber to blueberry and beyond. They are an unrelentingly inclusive brand that often appears with a commemorative bottle or two, such as their Harvey Milk and Spirit of Stonewall releases. No matter which direction you go, with Stolichnaya, you’re getting the finest taste of Russia.