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Sour Puss is a product in the Phillips Distilling Company portfolio, which includes several brands such as UV vodka and Douglas & Todd bourbon. Sour Puss is a liqueur released in several flavors meant to kick up your cocktail. Just 15% ABV, a shot of Sour Puss can spike your lemonade or seltzer without overdoing it on the booze, and you don’t need much to really crank up your beverage. Sour Puss flavors are a pucker-worthy mix of sweet and sour. You can choose from raspberry, watermelon, grape, lemon, tangerine, green apple, pina colada or citrus blue; a few sips and you’ll reminisce over your favorite Sour Patch Kids.

Sour Puss liqueurs are ideal for mixed drinks and shooters, but you can enjoy them poured straight over ice. The company offers some extra tasty recipe ideas. Add a shot of raspberry to your mojito. Try some extra citrus in your lemonade. The product is playful and creative, using bright colors and a sour-faced cat on its bottles. Phillips Distilling Company is based in Minnesota, and Sour Puss is one of Canada’s top liqueurs, but you’ll have no trouble finding their colorful products near you throughout the U.S.