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More About Smooth Ambler

What puts the smoothness in your amble? For us, it's a mellow handcrafted bourbon. Enter Smooth Ambler, a relatively new name in the whiskey biz. John Little and his father-in-law Tag Galyean had a dream — a new craft distillery in the wilds of West Virginia. In 2009, they set about making that dream come true.

Drawing from the tenets of Appalachian life, such as slow, deliberate and careful craftsmanship over cutting corners, Smooth Ambler strives to create a bold yet balanced flavor for whiskey lovers everywhere. The clean and crisp mountain air, free-flowing natural waters and prime seasonal weather of West Virginia are combined with state-of-the-art equipment to unleash an elixir found nowhere else.

Unlike some labels, Smooth Ambler strives for transparency. Its website openly discusses their use of merchant-bottle sources in some of its blends. This is a refreshing strategy in an industry in which many companies bottle the wares of others and never say a word about where the liquor is sourced. Now that Smooth Ambler has a few years under its belt, it is able to produce handcrafted liquors that are all its own.

Drizly is proud to offer a wide range of Smooth Ambler whiskeys. The brand also bottles other spirits, such as rum, vodka and gin.