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All About Smirnoff

Have you ever really thought about Smirnoff vodka? That is, tther than what to mix it with or how the bottle became empty so fast? Probably not. Because it's everywhere. So we take it for granted. But Smirnoff has given us the gift of dozens of utterly wild flavor infusions and the icing phenomenon. Since it's 1864 inception, the Russian government has both tried to shut it down the distillery and taken control of it. Before they launched what seems like a thousand different Smirnoff flavors, they were pioneers of charcoal filtering. And, it's gluten free. It's like they had a crystal ball for dietary restrictions of the future.

What Are the Types of Smirnoff?

Smirnoff has a product line that never seems to stop expanding. Still, the classic "No. 21" Red Label is most popular. However, Smirnoff has tons of flavored vodkas that resonate with younger drinkers or those looking to jazz up a favorite cocktail. Some of these flavors include fruity delights such as watermelon, blueberry, raspberry, pineapple, grape or citrus.

If you wanted to combine dessert with pleasure, which is a brilliant choice for a summer night, go with offerings like Kissed Caramel, root beer float or sorbet light summer strawberry. The last portion of Smirnoff's flavored vodkas includes a lineup of sour fruits. Instead of making your own sour cocktail by mixing Sour Patch Kids and the regular Smirnoff, go with one of four Smirnoff sours like sour watermelon, berry lemonade, sour green apple or sour fruit punch.

Sometimes, a vodka is just too much for a casual drinker. That's when you can turn to their lineup of malt beverages for a crisp, relaxing finish. Known as Smirnoff Ice, these drinks have similar alcohol content to a beer and are popular with younger drinkers. That's not to say you can't drink a Smirnoff Ice as a 40-year-old — but prepare to become the butt of jokes from your friends.

How Should You Drink Smirnoff?

You could drink Smirnoff standing on your head with a long straw or from your favorite Batman glass. In short, there's no real wrong way to drink Smirnoff. The best thing Smirnoff does is give you the chance to play around with your most-loved cocktails or try to create your own.

Any fruity flavor of Smirnoff heightens a Sex on the Beach, while you might find a vodka lime all the more enjoyable with Smirnoff Lime vodka. If you have a creative mind, you could even turn your favorite food into a drink. There's no hamburger flavor, but their line of products gives you plenty of choices.