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Enjoy smoother cocktails with SKYY Vodka. Made with water enriched by Pacific Minerals, sourced from the San Francisco Bay Area and filtered through California Limestone, SKYY Vodka offers a taste as smooth as the tide rolling out to sea. SKYY Vodka goes through the process of quadruple distillation and triple filtration for a vodka of proven exceptional quality and softness. Its clean, crisp taste can be enjoyed on the rocks or in your favorite drinks. Mix SKYY Vodka for an elevated take on classic vodka cocktails like a Moscow Mule, Screwdriver, SKYY 75 or keep it simple with a SKYY Vodka and soda.

Fresher-Tasting Cocktails at Home

Here’s to moments as fresh as your cocktails!

SKYY Vodka

Smooth & Fresh

Our refreshed SKYY® Vodka was crafted by a diverse collective of experts including a water sommelier, chemist and professional bartender, adding a twist of character to our vodka.

$9.99 - $1399.00

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SKYY Vodka

SKYY Infusions Agave Lime Vodka

Bright & Zesty

Infused with all natural lime flavors and agave nectar for a vibrant lime experience. The bright and vibrant taste of our Agave Lime infusion comes alive when mixed as a Vodka Rita or Mule.

$14.99 - $22.49

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SKYY Infusions Agave Lime Vodka

SKYY Infusions Espresso Vodka

Rich & Inviting

Infused with all natural espresso flavors for a true to ingredient taste. The pure taste of the Espresso flavors in SKYY Infusions comes alive when mixed in an Espresso Martini or Hazelnut Martini.

$13.99 - $22.49

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SKYY Infusions Espresso Vodka

Hazelnut Espresso Martini

Add a nutty twist to your Espresso Martini with SKYY & Frangelico!

Sparkling Lavender Lemonade

This lovely lemonade is both fragrant and fresh-tasting. Fresh lemon juice pairs beautifully with the delicate flavor of lavender syrup and SKYY® Vodka’s subtle minerality.

SKYY Agave Lime Margarita

Add a bright and vibrant taste to the classic margarita.

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