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All about Sauza

Sauza's roots are well over 100 years old, but the brand reigns as one of the better-known tequilas on the market. In today’s crowded, small-scale tequila industry, Sauza offers a more affordable yet still high-caliber spirit. Sauza is even credited with bringing tequila to US markets and defining the qualities of traditional tequila. In the late 19th century, Don Cenobio Sauza innovated a steam-based heating method for the locally harvested agave; this cleaner process lent to an entirely different tasting experience. Instead of the smoky, traditional mezcals, Sauza had created a distinct liquor with a cleaner finish. Sauza introduced his tequila at the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair and the US tequila market took off from there.

The brand has three distinct tequila products Hacienda Silver, Hacienda Gold and the Conmemorativo Añejo. The añejo is aged in American oak barrels and has a much smokier finish than the classic silver and gold varieties. Sauza uses a gentler extraction process for its agave than many smaller craft tequila brands. Rather than crushing the agave, Sauza diffuses the precious succulents and extracts the sugars needed to make tequila. Try Sauza tequila in your next margarita. Its clean finish makes this product ideal for Palomas, sangrias and fruity tequila sunsets.