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Since 1724, the House of Rémy Martin has drawn its identity from the very heart of the Cognac region, Cognac Fine Champagne.

At Rémy Martin, we believe that every accomplishment is shaped through teamwork. Behind Rémy Martin is the combination of many talents, from our cellar masters, our distillers, and our winemakers. We are part of an authentic family with a collective story: We team up for excellence.

The Rémy Sidecar

A cocktail that is sophisticated, timeless, and opulent in character. The Rémy Sidecar is the iconic cognac cocktail.

Rémy Ginger

The perfect long drink to reveal the versatility, elegance and fruity aromas of Rémy Martin's iconic VSOP.

XO Old Fashioned

There's no better cocktail for nights in than the Old Fashioned. And no version is more perfectly complex than this one.

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